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Council leader Cllr Eric Morrell has told how the postponement of bulky waste collections was “inconvenient” for residents affected by the coronavirus infection. But he added it was the right thing to do to prevent further spread of the virus, which has claimed its tenth victim from the South Lakeland district. The local authority began a fourweek suspension of nonrecyclable household waste collections this week after the latest death of an elderly man, whose case is being investigated as a possible case of the coronavirus.

In Kendal, bulky waste collections will restart on Monday 1 April. There will be a oneoff £4 administration charge for this service, but after the initial charge residents who have not already signed up to the scheme will be able to do so for free until October. On Monday residents can take items that are less than 0. 75m wide, less than 1m high and weigh no more than 50kg to a dropoff point within their area (details are on the website: ww2.
southlakeland. gov. uk/collections ). All other items must be taken to a. bulky waste collection in kendal cumbria,Our officers are looking at ways of making collections more efficient as far as possible. Ideally we would like to see better use made of the empty kerbside recycling box as a receptacle for items such as large electrical items. This is something that both we and residents need to do something about and I will be writing to all householders once we have finalised new arrangements.
Our Bulky Bulky Waste Collection Kendal service has proved incredibly popular with residents and I’m pleased that we have been able to offer a number of collections during the lock down period when collections would normally be suspended. Because of this additional service, South Lakeland District Council can now proudly say that it remains one of the very few councils in Cumbria still providing a free bulky waste collection service. ”The additional three week exclusion period has now come to an end and collections are starting again.
In Kendal, Bulky Waste crews will start collecting bulky waste on Monday 2 April 2013. The collection day is the same as normal collections, which means it may be different from the regular collection day for your household. The message from SLDC is to book your next collection in good time. That’s easy to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and only takes minutes. And remember, bulky waste can include double mattresses, as well as old armchairs, couches, settees, sofas and other furniture, washing machines and other white goods.

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“Household waste collections are always the most visible part of any council’s authority and we know this lack of collections over the past few weeks has placed added pressure on residents. We apologise for this inconvenience and thank everyone for their patience. bulky waste collection in GrangeoverSands , Cumbria, bulky waste collection in GrangeoverSands Cumbria, Guides Lot , Allithwaite Road, Grange over Sands, Cumbria, LA9 4 . bulky waste collection in GrangeoverSands Cumbria, Guides Lot , Allithwaite Road, Grange over Sands, Cumbria, LA9 4 .

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We wanted to make arrangements for the collection of bulky waste as quickly as possible, which provided us with a great opportunity to look at all the ways that we could modernise our services. As a consequence, residents of South Lakeland will soon have better access to online ordering and have payments handled by an online shop, rather than having to directly contact the Council. When waste collections are postponed in Kendal due to weather conditions, the Parish Council has to pick up the cost for the skip.

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Bulky Waste Collection Kendal is usually contacted and they change the collection date. It would be sensible for SLDC to cooperate with the Parish Council in making sure that a family has somewhere safe to put their rubbish when a bulky waste collection has been postponed. The key is to ensure that everyone involved – barrows and domestic waste collection crews – are safe, and we made the decision during the lockdown period from November 6 to 12.

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I must thank residents for their support as we followed the advice of medical experts to keep crews at home. “We have worked with our contractors on a new timetable and they are confident that this will run smoother than before. Our bulky waste collection dates for June are now online at Bulky Waste Collection Kendal. Call 0800 246 5331 to arrange bulky waste collection. bulky waste collection in GrangeoverSands Cumbria, Guides Lot , Allithwaite Road, Grange over Sands, Cumbria, LA9 4 provided by Bulky Bulky Waste Collection Kendal.

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