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bulky waste collection Lydd We aim to provide 50% cheaper skip hire prices in Kent than our competitors. We can snip your rubbish removal costs down to the wire by passing our 25 years of experience directly onto you, the customer. Founded in 1991, we have been operating since then and have a familiar name with clients. bulky waste collection in Lydd Kent is a family based business and we offer services to domestic customers as well as the commercial market.

They were part of over 100 partygoers but were spotted on the balcony of the house. The group then deliberately covered themselves up behind the busy wheelie bins to avoid arrest. The men, aged between 19 and 23 years old, from North Thanet, Gravesend, Swanley and London were all arrested and removed from the scene by police officers. The full details of the party, which included shots of vodka and Red Bull and a sound system, were given to police by one of the neighbours, who had heard loud noise coming from the property.
Officers discovered a group of partygoers who concealed themselves behind wheelie bins in an attempt to escape police. PCSOs found a group of five people hiding behind wheelie bins at the entrance to a private drive. They were fined £50 each for failing to provide ID when requested. A group of people were reported for being noisy at 24 South Street in Lydd, Kent, just after 1am on Saturday 6 February. Come to Bulky Waste Collection Lydd for all your bulky waste collection in Hythe Kent or nearby.
Bins and bags of rubbish were left outside flats in South Street and police received reports of revellers trying to avoid arrest by hiding behind the bins. Officers attended the address where seven people, who had been attending a house party, were arrested for failing to remove the bags from outside the flats. The seven suspects tried to run away but were arrested after officers chased them down the road with torches. The men – aged 20, 21 and 22 – were then taken back to officers'vehicles but they became abusive towards the arresting officers and residents, swearing at people standing outside their homes and kicking at bins during their attempts to get away.
A party at a house in South Street got out of hand and police were called on Saturday, 6 February. Officers arrived to find a large number of people outside but they had been dispersed when police arrived – with the exception of the group of partygoers who had hidden behind recycling bins. All were breath tested on suspicion of drinking alcohol in a public place and found to be over the limit. "We were called to a property in South Street by a resident who said there had been a group of people drinking outside their house.

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The next thing we knew, they were hiding behind the wheelie bins towards the back of the property. " "We arrived shortly after and started searching for them. One officer went on top of a wheelie bin and that's when he found them. Officers and the council's bulky waste collection team were called to the property in South Street to attach tags to three wheelie bins in order to collect the waste on Tuesday, 9 February.

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Police stood guard as a Kent County Council officer attached tags on bins. Officers attended the address and found a group of people who were attempting to evade police. Further checks revealed that the frontgarden contained more than nine black bin bags containing rubbish linked to the party. A group of partygoers who attempted to evade police by hiding behind wheelie bins were fined after officers were called to a house in South Street, Lydd.

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It is wellknown that partygoers are keen to make sure they have a generous supply of alcohol available, but what happens when the party is over? In Lydd Kent, the local authority has introduced an alternative way for parties to dispose of their leftover booze. For a small fee of £25 and 9 Bulky Waste items from your home, your waste can be collected at a time when it suits you. Wheelie bins were used by a group of partygoers to hide their identities after police were called to reports of a disturbance in South Street at 1am on Saturday, 6 February.

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They were issued fixed penalty notices for failing to comply with their legal responsibility to provide the names and addresses of persons at or from whom they had been collecting waste. Two women and one man were approached by officers in South Street, Lydd at 1am on Saturday, 6 February. All three were cautioned for being under the influence of alcohol and asked to go home but two of them failed to comply and tried to run off.

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The trio then hid behind nearby wheelie bins as an attempt to evade arrest but were swiftly detained. On Saturday 6th February at 1am, police attended South Street in Lydd after a report of a disturbance. Whilst there officers saw three males climbing into wheelie bins next to the house. They were ordered out of the bins and taken to the front of the address where they became abusive towards police and other individuals in the street.

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