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South Norfolk Council recently contracted Bulky Waste Collection Stalham to collect 'bulky waste'from houses. They presented themselves as very professional, attending our house with the discussed vehicle and a receptionist type person who entered all details into a mobile phone; however once the work was complete they then presented us with a bill for £485. 50! for what we considered to be adequate service. If we were asked to rate the service provided by South Norfolk Council as a whole, we would have to say that it is appalling.

The service was started in 2013 following a public consultation, with the aim of making the collection of large items of furniture, household waste and construction materials a much easier and quicker process for South Norfolk residents. We have been contacting South Norfolk Council on a regular basis, who consequently have been ignoring us over the last ten months, and have a history of doing so. South Norfolk Council state we are no longer entitled to any bulky waste collection, yet we know that there are several others in our street alone, with the same predicament.
To confirm, this is a discussion regarding South Norfolk Council's waste management service and their socalled 'bulky waste'collection. We feel that we are entitled to a response from you as to what bulk items you will accept from South Norfolk homes for your collection. Finally can I ask you please confirm what date the next bulky waste collection is being undertaken in south Stalham and how residents will be notified of this?. This is the third year in a row that South Norfolk council have failed to collect our bulky waste from outside our house for special collection.
This has resulted in our current problem rubbish now blocking the side passage way and a large amount of waste building up on the street in front of our house, due to South Norfolk Council's senditbackagain policy after we went to the local office and told them how we felt about it. We have been using South Norfolk Councils's socalled 'Bulky'collection service for some time now, however within the past year or so this has become a disgusting and embarrassing rip off.
South Norfolk Council changed their policy to allow a maximum of 1 cubic meter (as defined by the European standard EN203) at no cost meaning on average larger families can't put out more than four boxes of 'supposedly'free waste. bulky waste collections are a vital service for residents and a help when clearing out your home, garage or shed. We import our bulky items by shipping container to the UK, and have used councils across Norfolk for a number of years.

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On Monday 19th July, we received an email from South Norfolk Council informing us they now charge in excess of £100 per collection. bulky waste collection in Stalham Norfolk, bulky items can be a cause of concern to our residents, who fear that the items will be taken by people not associated with the council. We have been contacted again this year by South Norfolk Council informing us that we need to arrange and pay for the annual bulky waste collection before they will collect it.

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As of October 2014, South Norfolk Council no longer provide a Bulky Bulky Waste Collection Stalham service. Instead, they are promoting that residents bring their bulky waste to the ECC Centre at Wroxham for recycling. We were more than happy to adhere to this policy, which meant we were responsible for the cost of collection, as it would be for any other type of waste – such as garden refuse or general household waste. We would then be able to reclaim the costs from the council in accordance with their 'private waste carrier'policy.

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Bulk waste collections in Stalham Norfolk are paid for by residents to have larger items collected, such as furniture or major appliances. If there is a problem, you will expect your local council to help and resolve the issue.  To date, we've not had any real communication since informing South Norfolk Council that we do not service bulky waste collections at our premises. We have recently moved into an old property in Stalham, with a barn that hasn't been used for many years, we have found that the barn was a dumping ground for many of the previous owners household items, and so were looking to dispose of these bulky items in a safe and responsible way as we want to improve our home for when we have children.

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We were recently in correspondence with the South Norfolk Council regarding our enquiries as to whether we would be able to receive a 'bulky waste collection'for items. Rather than listing the what and why, I will limit this discussion to the butchery of a major British council that is South Norfolk Council. South Norfolk Council have just completed a significant purge of their bulky waste collections. I can confirm that they have cancelled all future bookings for domestic / household collections across the district without any consultation or notification to residents.

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