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bulky waste collection Wadebridge Cornwall, bulky waste collection Islington London, bulky waste collection Heywood Greater Manchester, bulky waste collection Northampton, bulky waste collection Boston Lincolnshire. If you are in any of these areas please phone our helpline on 0800 246 5331 for more information on how to book a bulky waste collection. As a family business we are able to offer personal service and competitive prices. bulky waste collection in Wadebridge and surrounding areas is very important to us.

You can help us by only disposing of your waste at a Bulky Waste Collection Wadebridge recycling centre or bulky waste day. We appreciate your help in this matter. bulky waste collection in Wadebridge This contract was undertaken in partnership with Cornwall Council and Serco. bulky waste collection Truro Cornwall. Collection of windows, bed frames and appliances anytime of the week, we recycle where possible. bulky waste collections in and around Truro. bulky waste collection in Tregurra Park, Newquay Road, Truro, PL27 7 .
The Waste contract appointed Bulky Waste Collection Wadebridge to collect and dispose of all household waste and recycling waste in Cornwall. In accordance with the allocation created by Government, this is collected along with residual waste from some commercial users — agricultural establishments, brewers, whisky distillers, cemeteries. This feedstock provides the material for two energyfromwaste facilities at Coypool in east Cornwall and St Dennis in west Cornwall. They now employ over 50 people and have the capacity to deal with approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste per year.
It is a 15 year contract to process all residual waste collected from Wadebridge and Par. This includes: Domestic waste including furniture, large items; Commercial waste including bulky items such as fridges, freezers; Commercial waste through the commercial waste service; Bulk quantities of inert material (CCL, rubble etc. ). Bulky waste collection services have been running in Wadebridge for a number of years now. The bulky waste collections were formerly run by Cornwall Bulky Waste Collection Wadebridge, but in October 2006, they were taken over by Bulky Waste Collection Wadebridge (now Bulky Waste Collection Wadebridge ), who are legally required to collect the bulky waste items that are put out by their customers.
Bulky Waste Collection Wadebridge is the waste management company for Cornwall. We manage around 20,000 tonnes of waste per year, and that's just one part of our work in the county. We're here 24 hours a day, every day of the year, collecting and recycling around 4,000 tonnes of refuse, recycling more than 20,000 tonnes of materials from industrial and commercial sources, processing and converting 12,500 tonnes of tyres into fuel to generate enough electricity to power thousands of homes.