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Bulky Waste Collection In Watton

South Norfolk Council advise the public that this service is for the collection of furniture, carpets and other large objects. We find on a daily basis that we have to explain to members of the public that by law they must have a letter in advance from South Norfolk Council prior to our arrival on their driveway to collect 'bulky waste'. In cases where this requirement has been met we are greeted with abuse, threats of violence and intimidation by householders.

The vast majority of people using our service do so purely for convenience. We are not a charity, and await payment for what we offer. I, as an operator have no. South Norfolk Council has recently changed their bulky rubbish collection arrangements and now expect residents to pay for a prebooked collection, as well as charging £38 per tonne for any rubbish left out for collection. We believe these charges are excessive, and want to take this opportunity to share our story.
South Norfolk Council has decided to remove a weekly collection of bulky waste from our street as of May 2017. They claim the cost of removing this bulky waste has become too expensive for the council to fund, and they have removed the service from this street and many others in Watton. While we were away on our winter break, one of our family members telephoned South Norfolk Council – who are working closely with Tuffnells to provide 'bulky waste collections'in the Watton area – and requested that she be booked in for collection as soon as possible.
My mother was in the process of moving house and had placed items in the garden, prior to him being available for collection. She arranged with South Norfolk Council to have this removed via their 'bulky waste collection'. They advised that they would be collecting these items on the 230915 at 10:00am, they arrived at 10:30am but only after us calling at 10:10am to advise them of their mistake. We have recently moved home and are eligible for the Community Collection Service, however we have been informed on numerous occasions that they (South Norfolk Council) do not collect 'bulky waste'.
After many telephone calls and emails to South Norfolk we finally became aware that they collect what they deem as 'bulky waste'. whatever this may be. Simply put, we have been very unhappy with the service that South Norfolk Council have provided with regard to this matter, one which is designed to help the people of Watton dispose of household rubbish that cannot be placed in normal refuse collections. I am unsure whether you are aware of the recent changes to South Norfolk Council's bulky waste collection policy and its impact on residents of Watton.

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We consider ourselves to be a loyal and respectful customer to South Norfolk Council. Despite this, we have found our experience with this specific council extremely unpleasant and totally unprofessional. We recently submitted an online bulky waste collection form, due to the fact that we were moving house and therefore needed two separate trips to have all of our 'bulky waste'collected. After it was apparent that the majority of our items had been taken away, and upon speaking with the bulk waste operator on the phone, they apologised for confusion caused by high demand.

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They advised us to submit another form so I could receive a refund. We are writing to you to raise awareness of our recent dealings with South Norfolk Council, regarding socalled 'bulky collection'from residential addresses. This morning, a member of our household had their front door smashed in by a South Norfolk Council employee delivering a welcome (albeit heavy) 3040KG bin bag, claiming that this was an annual requirement. We can confirm that this is not the case.

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According to the council's own website, solid household waste will be collected on alternate weeks. Below is a direct quote from the 'household waste and recycling calendar'page of their site:. I am writing to you, as a disappointed resident of Watton, Norfolk. I had previously requested that various bulky items be collected from my address, and was informed by letter that two men would visit on 02/07/2013 between 11am and 2pm. The day arrived with zero signs of life, despite my waiting in all morning for the welfare of the two gentlemen who were supposed to visit.

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Eventually I phoned South Norfolk Council's bulky waste hotline and was informed that they had no record of a collection being booked and that two men would now appear between '15:0017:00'. We recently received a letter from South Norfolk Council (SNC) stating that we had been chosen for a bulky waste collection. Even though our household regularly produces large amounts of general waste and recycling we were surprised and somewhat concerned that we had been selected for this service.

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