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It was expected that this would be a temporary service suspension while we reviewed the service and consulted local residents about their future waste management wishes. As a first step towards this, we are launching an awareness campaign to get everyone thinking about what they are throwing out and how it can be reused or recycled. We’ve always been impressed with the way people have embraced recycling and composting in Dorset and want to see this continue when garden waste collection resumes next year.

green waste is collected by crews using a Garden Waste Collection Bridport vehicle with a rear loading hopper or trailer. The garden waste will be composted at a facility in Dorchester and used to produce a variety of compost products, sold through the garden centres. The wheelie bin is designed to use with the Biowaste collection service provided by Garden Waste Collection Bridport. Why wouldn't you choose Garden Waste Collection Bridport 's new garden waste collection service? The service is for Bridport residents only – not visitors.
We will protect people from any nuisance, as much as possible, during the alternative route period. We are aware that a number of other councils have introduced garden waste collection for their residents and we currently have a contract with Garden Waste Collection Bridport Group (WRG) to offer residents in Bridport and elsewhere in West Dorset this service. We will spend approximately 12 months finding the best way forward, but we are confident that we will be able to resume including garden waste collections in our service provision as soon as we can.
It is an optional green waste service to those residents who want it, meaning that if you don't subscribe, you won't get a brown bin. Bridport Borough Council provides a green waste collection to all eligible households within the borough. This is provided as an optional, chargeable ecoservice which is available every fortnight throughout the year. Why wait for nature to take its course? Garden Waste Collection Bridport offers a green waste collection service for residents of Bridport.
Bridport residents are being reminded that they should continue to prepare and store garden waste in the garden as normal during the current freeze. This helps us reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and get it into composting quicker. We will issue reminders through social media, a local newspaper article, newsletters and leaflets when we hope to resume collections. Bridport is part of Dorset’s Bridport Area Waste Partnership, which manages three garden waste sites in the town – the Garden Waste Collection Bridport and Mulberry Close.

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Garden Waste Collection Bridport Bridport offers an optional, chargeable fortnightly collection of green waste to Dorset residents. This service has been operating for some years now, with collections from all residential property types, including bungalows and converted flats. Collection rounds are scheduled for the same day as the residual waste collections are carried out in the locality. Everyone in Dorset who is eligible for garden waste collection can use it once a fortnight to dispose of domestic garden and lawn clippings.

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The Bridport Garden Waste service was suspended last month to allow time for a change of contractor. This, of course, was brought on by the recent contract award of the Bridport Garden Waste service to Garden Waste Collection Bridport, which has itself been brought on by the privatisation of our waste services. The effect it has had upon me and my family has been devastating as I am now plagued with daily osteoarthritis flare ups in my knees lasting up to an hour at a time and rarely have any pain relief left which is used up from attacks over the first two years running into 2016.

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It does not include tree stumps, branches (with trunks greater than 75mm in diameter), roots, soil or rocks. You can also put these items out for collection with your general rubbish. The scheme is available to all householders living in the Bridport area, with the green waste collected for free. This comes in two forms, home collection or garden waste recycling centre. We also collect garden waste from some Bridport businesses. Collection charges for household garden waste are met in the council tax.

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Since privatisation our rubbish never ends up. With the Garden Waste scheme due to end in April 2019, we’ve arranged for three years’ worth of new and replacement garden waste bins to be made available for everyone who needs one. This should allow plenty of time for garden owners to familiarise themselves with where they can take their compostable kitchen waste in future. We will also be introducing weekly collection of household food waste from ‘kitchen caddies’ in some areas where this system is expected to prove popular.

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