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Garden Waste Collection In Hertford

Green waste that is left for collection will be added to the recycling waste collected at the same time, so this change will not affect how your recycling waste is collected. The garden waste collection service is available for residents in the South East Hertfordshire district and West Hertfordshire area , who are aged 65 and over or people who are registered disabled. Here at Garden Waste Collection Hertford we believe that our garden waste service has been a popular and wellused service and we hope residents continue to use the service.

We have tried to hold on to this as long as we can but ultimately we must ensure we keep our services working with the least possible burden on our taxpayers. We therefore propose to charge for the collection of garden waste from 1 April 2016. The cost of this service, which will initially run for a period of 3 years to allow us to monitor the impact and any areas which may require changes, would be set at £50 per year for the green waste bin and £15 for each additional bin.
Our contract with Green Waste Garden Waste Collection Hertford to collect garden waste in Hertford would mean, as a resident of the town, you would receive your green waste bins which will be collected fortnightly; your food waste caddy, which will be collected weekly. Garden Waste Collection Hertford. To help us continue to keep Hertford clean and green, we propose that the cost of the twice yearly collection of green waste from gardeners'properties is included as part of next year's Council Tax bill.
We are proposing to introduce a garden waste collection service in Hertford for householders who generate green waste, which will be collected on a fortnightly basis at the same time as your normal waste is collected. Two 240 litre caddies will be collected free of charge; thereafter two new 240 litre caddies will be available at a cost of £5 each. The map below shows those areas where this proposal is applicable. Recycling garden waste isn't just a good way to protect the environment, it can also save you money.
That's why we're introducing a new green waste service that is both cheaper and greener. From April, if your house in Hertford gets its rubbish collected by our service, you will need to put your garden waste in a separate bag from your other rubbish. We decided to introduce a charged garden waste collection service for residents in Hertford as they are already facing rising Council Tax bills as a result of the Government's cuts.