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Open your door to the world of garden waste removal with awardwinning Garden Waste Collection Honiton Honiton. This independent, environmentallyfriendly company is established in the heart of Garden Waste Collection Honiton n and provides garden waste collection for Honiton and its surrounding areas. Take advantage of our optional, chargeable service for extra peace of mind. Welcome to Garden Waste Collection Honiton Honiton. Garden Waste Collection Honiton Honiton, Garden Waste Collection Honiton n. Spring clean your garden with our optional chargeable garden waste collection service in Honiton, Garden Waste Collection Honiton n. Garden waste contains a natural resource.

We are committed to collecting green waste and believe it should continue to be collected on a weekly basis. We will continue to process your green waste as normal, however, due to reduced staff numbers we are unfortunately unable to meet the full demands of your collection service, but you can be assured that your green waste will be collected when we can meet the demand. With green waste collections in Summer 2017 now completed, we are keen to remind people of the recycling habits they should adopt during Autumn and Winter – especially regarding garden cuttings and Christmas trees.
A variety of garden waste collection options are available to Honiton residents from the Garden Waste Collection Honiton n Waste Partnership. These include a chargeable garden waste collection, an optional garden waste collection service, separate collections for dry recyclables or household rubbish, and opening hours for household recycling centres and tip days. Garden waste should be kept in neat piles or in a yard bin. The maximum size of each pile is 3 cubic metres. In the Honiton area we are now offering A chargeable garden waste collection service.
All garden waste must go into green bags, which can be purchased for 50p from Honiton’s recycling banks and from shops including Waitrose, Coop and Tesco. If you're in Honiton, and are a green waste household, it is important to put your green waste out for collection on your normal scheduled recycling day. EDDC are currently experiencing a shortage of green waste vehicles which means we will be unable to collect all green waste. green waste collections will take place as usual on your normal collection days, however you can report any problems by contacting the East Garden Waste Collection Honiton n District Council helpline on 0800 772 3859 All of our skip bags are fully supplied and delivered ready to use.
The district council offers a green waste collection service on every normal refuse collection day in the month of July and August. It is during these months that the district council has to collect two rounds of refuse, three rounds in some areas (Holcombe Burnell and Lynmouth being the exceptions). We will endeavour to collect green waste on your normal scheduled dates, however, please be aware that due to reduced staff numbers this may not always be possible.

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The spokesman also said: “We will complete collections on the normal roster days but staff may have to rely on other residents to leave their green waste out for a short period of time rather than the whole collection taking place on a single day. Residents will be asked to leave out their green waste, in a clear plastic bag, between the hours of 10. 00am – 2. 00pm on Tuesdays, for collection, as per their normal weekly collection schedule.

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