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The Defibrillator Team was established in the town of Hayle in 2009, two years before the first Defibrillators were introduced into the United Kingdom as a national project. Since its inception the Team has collected defibrillators from all 27 of the United Kindgom's Ambulance Services. The volunteers cover all aspects of the collection from awareness and fundraising to installation and maintenance of the devices at strategic locations in their area. The Angarrack Inn (Part of Steve Halls Miners Rest Pubs) donated its house beer pump as a freebie for any Toolkit1 defibrillator donated to our.

Porthcressa Beach andLittle Porth, in Hugh Town on St Mary's on the west coast of the Island have been cleared of litter by a team from Liskeard who do our annual clearup every August. It is very satisfying to walk away from an area having removed all of the litter but most of these areas are not like that, so we welcome more people who want to help make the Island a better place for everyone.
Welcome to the Angarrack area waste collection and recycling service. Keep Britain Tidy are jointly running this service with Hayle Development Group until March 21st 2017 when the service will run independently. This addition to Hugh Town makes the total of 9 collections in the Hayle area that Keep Britain Tidy provide. We will collect, sort, process and where possible reuse or recycle your waste. Our services are available throughout the Helston area and surrounding areas such as St Austell, Bodmin, Truro, Mevagissey Fowey, Newquay & Padstow.
Collection vehicles will operate an open top waste collection from Porthcressa Beach car park, and Little Porth, on Thursday morning. waste collections are carried out every other weeks between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00. Keep sacks at least two feet away from the vehicle. Large tree branches must be tied in bundles no larger than four feet long and two feet thick. Green waste recycling collection is provided twice a week to over 2000 householders in Hugh Town and the west side of St Mary's.
You can enjoy a day out on the beach, on walks and in the beautiful garden without ever worrying about mess. Our regular green waste collection service ensures that you will not be left with a pile of rubbish when you leave. Our green waste collector will collect your litter on your behalf and remove it from Little Porth and Porthcressa beaches as part of the ongoing improvements being made to these areas. Porthcressa Beach on the south coast of Hugh Town, St Mary's, is owned by the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.

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The main species found here are Corallina esculenta (hard seagrass), and Fucus serratus (slender bladder kelp). The beach also has some extensive tidal pools, which are an important habitat for hundreds of thousands of ephemeral and resident species which inhabit them. The Council of the Isles of Scilly will begin providing green waste collection in Hugh Town later this summer. The new service will come into operation on August 27 and will initially operate once a week on Tuesdays. Residents will be able to put out any items for recycling on their green waste collection day.

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Following on from last year's success, the Council of the Isles of Scilly will be running a green waste collection scheme in Hugh Town, St Mary's from 11 December 2017. The hours of operation are between 10am and 4pm on 13th, 15th and 21st January 2018 and 11th February 2018. The Council would like to make you aware that waste collection from Porthcressa Beach and Little Porth in Hugh Town will move to ST Mary. The Council of the Isles of Scilly is responsible for waste collection in Hugh Town, St Mary's.

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