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Garden Waste Collection In Keswick

Garden Waste Collection Keswick Keswick (WCK) has announced that green waste collections have resumed, with gardeners once again able to present their neatly prepared garden waste for environmentally friendly disposal. From Monday 11th May 2014 millions of tons of garden waste from homes across the North Lakes will be transported to a recycling centre and used to create some of the country's finest compost. For this one week period only, customers of Garden Waste Collection Keswick Keswick will also be able to enjoy discounted green waste collections.

This is an initiative of the Keswick Partnership which comprises the six local authorities, Keswick District Council, South Lakeland District Council and all three North Lakes PCCs who make up an area with a population of over 500,000. The service will be run by commercial operator "green waste" who have a contract in place for the next five years. Residents who paid for a garden waste collection service in Keswick before the Christmas holidays, and were told it would not be resumed until April, will now have their rubbish collected as from next week.
The Kaizen Waste Partnership has said that their partner company, Garden Waste Collection Keswick, will be able to resume work after the Easter break after all. Keswick and District Housing Association (KDA) is to run the service, made possible by an initial funding contribution of £203,000 from Cumbria Waste Partnership. KDA will spend £250,000 over the next five years to provide green waste collection to some 6,000 homes in Keswick and across the Lake District National Park. People living in Keswick and the neighbouring districts of Dent, Borrowdale, Caldbeck and Wasdale have been without garden waste collection since November last year, when the previous contractor went out of business with noone to take over the service.
People across Keswick have now been paying their green waste collections into local recycling centres since the end of January, in preparation for the service to start again. As a result, piles of green waste have started to build up at these centres, so from the 11th May three minibuses will be crisscrossing the Borough to collect it. After the 'Beast from the East'ended garden waste collections in Keswick last month, residents can now look forward to a new service which will see thousands of tonnes of green waste collected across the North Lakes.
Collection of green waste is part of our ongoing work in partnership with Garden Waste Collection Keswick for North. Every home in Keswick and at least 8500 properties around the North Lakes will now be able to use their green bins for garden waste, following a successful collection trial across the area last year. Garden waste will start being collected again from thousands of homes in Keswick and across the North Lakes as from Monday 11th May, it was announced today.