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Garden Waste Collection In Ludlow

Following the success of a garden waste collection trial in Ludlow, we are now looking at introducing the service on a larger scale. If the positive results from the initial pilot are maintained when we roll out the service across the district then, in all likelihood, your own waste bins will be replaced by smaller food waste caddies as part of our weekly bin collection. This is all being made possible following discussions between Shropshire Council and the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Mr Michael Gove.

This is a great service provided by Shropshire County Council. It's available to all residents of Ludlow and the surrounding villages. It has two main benefits the first is environmental as waste which would have been sent to a landfill site is now recycled and turned into compost for reuse; the second is financial, as it's cheaper than our household waste collection service. If you are interested in this service, I can provide further information when you register.
Garden Waste Collection Ludlow Ludlow provide fast and friendly expert garden waste collection services all over the UK. We have been offering top quality garden waste collection in bobby mayes cremation cemetery ludlow shropshire for many years. Our dedicated teams of garden waste collectors use fully licensed and insured vehicles with CCTV. Daily collections are now standard from households across Shropshire and the West Midlands, but a third of England still relies on just one collection each month for household waste.
I am currently supplying green waste collection to 730 homes in the Ludlow area As your local Councillor I have been working with local residents to ensure that we continue to have a reliable and sufficient service. This has recently been jeopardised by the recent changes to services within Wyre Forest District Council who provide this service and from April 2015 my work with residents will be crucial to ensuring the service continues in its present form.
Garden Waste Collection Ludlow Ludlow In recent years more and more people have developed an interest in recycling and the general reduction of the amount of waste being sent to landfill. It is now possible to recycle all manner or items that may be considered rubbish and many are even returning the items they used to send to landfill for use again. Now there is even a larger amount of competition between companies trying to win a share of this big market.

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Here we go again! A slightly tired mantra, but in this case, highly appropriate as without doubt, the provision of green waste collection services is one of the most important issues that this Conservativerun council has to address. Garden Waste Collection Ludlow in Ludlow Shropshire by the Ludlow Council. Garden Waste Collection Ludlow service available for home owners, private landlords, local businesses and development sites in the Ludlow area. Green Cleen are proud to provide a green waste collection service for residents in Ellesmere, Shropshire.

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Such is the case when it comes to weekly collection of food waste as it is more important than ever before that households get their food waste properly collected. We distribute food waste to local farmers for composting. We’ve established a contract with Severn Valley Energy to create renewable energy from human waste collected from households in Shrewsbury and Telford. Our mission is to be leaders in sustainable waste management. The site contains information about the range of services we offer, residential garden waste collection now including free food waste collections, recycling centres and tips on keeping your waste to a minimum.

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Sharp Environmental today announced that it will be providing a garden waste collection service in Shropshire. Sharp Environmental already provides the only other food waste collection service in that county. With this new contract, the company has now assumed approximately 40% of all garden waste collection in Shropshire since these services provided by Sharp Environmental and its subsidiary, Garden Waste Collection Ludlow menced just over a year ago. For many garden owners, the food scraps they place in their green bins have always been their business – but that could all be set to change as the government plans to introduce new legislation which will make it compulsory for councils to collect food waste from households.

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The proposal was announced by Michael Gove, secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs last year. waste collection in Ludlow is only provided by Garden Waste Collection Ludlow services. He told councillors that 'food and garden waste have been shown to drive up recycling with the use of specialised bins'and that it could be a 'potential source of income for further investment. At the moment, there are no plans to make weekly collection of food waste mandatory.

Garden Waste Collection In Ludlow Shropshire

If I was on a small street and my neighbour put food into my bin, I would object. It’s not going to be easy to do it in Shropshire but we will look at ways of ensuring we do it. Ministers at Defra have pledged to free up more resources to roll out weekly collections to all areas within a decade. Garden Waste Collection Ludlow Ludlow services the city of Ludlow with garden waste collection in Ludlow Shropshire.

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