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We wanted to make sure that residents retrieved their key waste and recycling collection items from the centre because we were aware that many of them had concerns about leaving their collections outside their door. We fully appreciate that residents are facing a difficult time with the recent flooding and power outages, but we’re sure they can see how being warm, safe and dry is so important when there is no power due to flooding.

The Government announced last week it wanted them to reopen ‘in the coming weeks’, which could allow residents to put out more of their garden waste. But according to Nottingham City Council, this is not going to happen. The council said work was still being carried out on the tips, but did not give a date when they would reopen. Nottingham City Council is advising residents to continue putting their garden waste in their black bins for collection.
We have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that waste collections continue across Nottinghamshire and we are thankful that residents have been so understanding. We have used every opportunity to provide updates on our website, Facebook, Twitter and by sending out flyers but I know it is still frustrating for customers who have missed a visit from the waste collectors. Residents who did not use their civic amenity, garden waste or bulky refuse bin in 2014/15, whether or not it was due to lock down, will only be charged for disposal costs incurred when the bins were collected.
The council has been searching for a company to run its garden waste service since last Thursday when the company previously employed to do this, Tips, suddenly went into administration . Issuing a statement which says the decision to keep the tips shut was not taken lightly, the county council announced a scheme where residents can take their garden waste to recycling centres every week. Garden Waste Collection Nottingham NewarkonTrent Nottinghamshire, Weston, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG1 5 . Our waste collection service includes rubbish removal, old furniture disposal, bulky furniture collections, kitchen appliances clearing, carpets & upholstery collection.
Visitors and residents of Nottingham will soon be able to bring their garden waste, including hedgerow and loose material, for recycling at the City’s waste recycling centre in Arnold Road. Residents can take their bulky waste items to the Household Garden Waste Collection Nottingham Centre (HWRC) where we will be operating a 24hour service from tomorrow until the end of the week. garden waste collection in Newark, Nottinghamshire is a service provided by NewarkonTrent City Council if you are a resident of this area.

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Garden Waste Collection Nottingham Nottingham is currently managing the waste disposal in Nottingham and other areas of Nottinghamshire, Garden Waste Collection Nottingham Nottingham have been enthusiastically offering help to residents by providing free white day sacks to aid them with their own waste collections. The service is completely free of charge with no obligation for customers to use the service from Garden Waste Collection Nottingham Nottingham again. City of Nottingham Council closed its four tips on the 30 September, blaming problems with contractors and stating they would reopen later this month.

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The council aims to stop by on each doorstep collecting garden waste once a fortnight, but the demand is so high that at the moment, it is struggling to keep up. For five weeks of the year only – during the autumn and winter months – it runs an annual programme known as Lockdown, which sees all residents asked not to put any black bin waste in their general rubbish collections, but instead deliver it to the recycling centre.

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However, a spokesmen for the council told the Post ‘there is currently no confirmed date when the tips will be available for reopening’. They said more time was needed to ensure ‘the sites are safe and secure’. Tip closures across Nottinghamshire and Nottingham have been lifted for the first time since last November,because of an explosion at a fuel terminal near Hull earlier this month. A special permit was agreed by county councillors to open the tips so all green waste collections can begin again as originally planned.

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However, we know there has been a lot of confusion about when householders need to take their garden waste to the recycling centre. With more than 200,000 tonnes of garden waste produced every year in our city region alone, it’s time we found a sustainable and convenient way for people to dispose of their garden waste. I am therefore very disappointed that a large number of residents did not heed this initial advice, despite the fact that they were in clear breach of the council’s household waste collection policy.

Garden Waste Collection In Nottingham Nottinghamshire

We have been inundated with requests from residents and businesses asking when our next collection date is – and we want to reassure everyone that tips are not closed. We are working hard to find a solution and will be putting a date in the diary for a new collection soon. …. Cllr Anderson said: “I am definitely in favour of getting the tips open as soon as possible. It is very frustrating that people are still not able to get access to their green waste, as they obviously want to be sorting it out.

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