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Have more space in your kitchen? Then why not use it to store your Thame garden waste bin? The new 120 litre bin is twice the size of a standard wheelie bin – and features dual opening lids, which means you can open one side of the bin while keeping the other closed at times. It’s easy to keep clean too, with a smooth surface that doesn’t trap any debris or dirt. Garden Waste Collection Thame Thame are always looking for ways to provide a better service, so we encourage our customers to tell us what they think.

Oxfordshire's leading provider of recycling services, Waste Solutions, is now offering a green waste collection service to the residents of Thame Oxfordshire. Their new green waste scheme is aimed at the collection of grass and hedge prunings, patio and garden furniture, patio slabs, tree stumps and pallets. Waste Solutions has been providing home composting services in the area for the past 7 years and is now offering a green waste collection service as a free service to residents that are participating in their brown bin scheme.
The extra large collection, which will run from the end of September to the beginning of November, will include all your garden waste as part of a regular weekly collection for a annual fee of £18. 70, or for £51. 22 including council tax and delivered free to every address in the area. Collection company Garden Waste Collection Thame has announced it will be providing an extralarge garden collection service in Thame, Oxfordshire to help residents get their gardens into shape for the party season and encourage them to take advantage of the county council’s composting service.
The Oxfordshire Garden Waste Collection Thame scheme provides for a regular collection of garden waste at each property in Oxfordshire. SODC do the collection for us. The green bin can be recycled with your other household waste. The waste is taken to a site where it is mulched and turned into compost, which in turn is used back as fertiliser on farms. By using the service you are helping to make more use from the resources available and to help reduce greenhouse gases.
The popular garden waste collection lorry will be making its way through the district during June, collecting loads of up to 350 litres from greenfingered residents who live in South Oxfordshire. Garden Waste Collection Thame Oxford specialises in waste collection, rubbish disposal and furniture clearance in Oxford city and the surrounding area. We’ll recycle or dispose of your unwanted electrical items responsibly – call us today. Garden Waste Collection Thame Kidlington is a garden waste and rubbish collector service based in Oxfordshire.

Green Garden Waste Collection In Abingdon-on-Thames Oxfordshire

The new Thame green waste scheme has been developed by the SODC and is operated by Garden Waste Collection Thame. No matter where in or around Oxfordshire you are located, we work with local people and businesses alike to remove their garden waste. Sweetgreen Garden Waste Collection Thame provides residents and business owners in Oxfordshire and the South East with a professional, green solution to useless waste without any extra cost. Offering one off or regular scheduled services our team of collection experts will offer you a costeffective alternative that you can rely on.

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Selected areas across Thame and the neighbouring district of Chiltern in north west Oxfordshire will now have three collections per year, instead of two, with the third collection taking place in the autumn between September and January. The additional service will also be available for garden waste customers in the villages of Woodford Halse, Delce Farm, Nuneham Courtenay and South Weston. Working with our customers, we have found a solution that will make it easier to increase the amount of garden waste collected through extralarge wheelie bins.

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Unlimited green waste collections are available in the Thame area. The collection of green waste is in addition to your normal black bag waste collections and must be responsibly managed. You can take as much green waste as you like in one collection. Green waste includes all garden cuttings, used plant pots, soiled sheets and blankets, bamboo canes and plants, Christmas trees, hedge trimmings, grass clippings, leaves and twigs. Thame Garden Waste Collection Thame, We cover all of Oxfordshire including Bicester and Banbury.

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Research has shown that most people don’t need as much space as we previously thought and so we are introducing a new option for garden waste customers. We’re offering an extralarge garden waste collection which can hold up to three times the amount of normal garden waste. This year we are also offering collection of grass clippings and hedge cuttings and any small branches and twigs, which were previously collected separately. This extralarge collection is additional to the free garden bin collections that we will still be providing for residents.

Garden Waste Collection In Thame Oxfordshire

Collected fortnightly, or weekly. Salix Environmental are a registered waste carrier for Oxfordshire &  Warwickshire that provide an organic garden clearance & waste collection service for domestic and commercial customers in Thame , Thame Oxfordshire . To find out more about our range of rubbish removal services call 0800 772 3859 Waste operates Brown bin, Green bin, Black bin and Grey bins recycling service for Thame, Oxfordshire. We offer safe waste collection from your home in Thame in Oxfordshire, we offer a wide range of garden waste services which include.

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