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Garden Waste Collection In Thatcham

The Garden Waste Collection Thatcham Thatcham service has now resumed and we would like to ask everyone to remove their waste from the kerbside as soon as possible. We are now introducing a brand new wheeled bin, which will soon replace the collection boxes used for compostable waste collections. This will ensure your waste is disposed of responsibly and turned into high quality, local compost which can then be used on local farms and gardens. Welcome to Thatcham Garden Garden Waste Collection Thatcham.

Bewise is the environmental management firm that carries out the green waste collection in Thatcham, this week he said: “The majority of the residents who had not taken advantage of our offer have now brought out their waste and we’re very grateful for their patience. We will be starting a new round of collections next week to ensure that we catch all those who are still holding onto their waste. With the help of our residents we have collected a significant amount of green waste, which will now be processed as part of the composting process at our Thatcham site.
This website is designed to ensure you are aware of the current information on garden waste collection in Thatcham. Here you will find information regarding the collection strategy, as well as details of how to add your name to the register and how to use the scheme when we resume collections. This new collection service will be provided by West Berkshire Council through a twoyear contract with Garden Waste Collection Thatcham. The service area will extend beyond the current boundary of the county council to cover an area from Bensons Green Lane, Thatcham, east towards Crookham Village and west towards Crookham Hill.
I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and ask that they continue to use their usual bin for both recycling and nonrecyclable waste until further notice. The new Thatcham Collection Service will be run by Garden Waste Collection Thatcham and will operate during normal working hours from Monday to Friday. They will collect green garden waste, which has been stored in a separate bag or container, as well as recyclable materials such as glass, cans and paper.
In response to the amount of grass and garden waste left over after the heavy downpours of autumn, West Berkshire Council has collected excess grass clippings from residents’ gardens for composting or recycling. This innovative scheme is aimed at helping our natural environment. West Berkshire Council’s Christmas garden waste collection service has been hailed as a success after nearly 12,000 tonnes of garden waste was collected across the district earlier this month. The team at Rubbish Clearance Sandhurst are dedicated to continually delivering an efficient, handy and professional service.

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West Berkshire Council will be running an interim green waste collection scheme in Thatcham from Monday 12th January to Wednesday 31st January. This collection service will run over the weekends and operate as a small looped route, collecting from the following roads. West Berkshire Council has now delivered the first phase of its green waste collections and I am pleased to report that the vast majority of residents have responded in the way that we had all hoped.

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Our Garden Waste Collection Thatcham Thatcham garden waste collection service has now restarted. Residents can use the same prepaid Bags for Life if they still have them left over from 2016, or simply take along flatpacked bags and cardboard boxes that will be provided at the time of collection and are available from all our Household Recycling Centres (HRC) in Berkshire. West Berkshire Council is trying to introduce a new collection service for garden waste, which will be collected every two weeks.

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West Berkshire Council has invested in a new type of green waste collection. This is being used for the first time across West Berkshire, and in Thatcham will be used on approximately 15% of the green waste containers. The green waste needs to be kept separate from other waste, and the leafy parts need to be cut up into smaller pieces. Having this separated allows us to process it at our Waste Reception Centre more effectively and makes processing much cleaner for the Environment Agency inspectors.

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However, due to the "millions of tonnes" of acorns, leaves and other natural products falling from trees during early autumn, the old Ty recover not been suitable for this year's food waste collection. West Berkshire Council has announced that from October 2015, this council will introduce a new weekly collection service for household waste in the Thatcham area. The new collection service is being delivered through our frontline partner Garden Waste Collection Thatcham and will see improved recycling facilities for customers.

Garden Waste Collection In Thatcham Berkshire

Each householder will get a leaflet explaining further how the service can work at their property because we may need to collect from different locations on. West Berkshire Council are pleased to announce that, subject to meeting certain conditions relating to the use of vehicles and collection arrangements, we have secured funding from the Environment Agency for a new green waste service. We are hoping to be able to offer this service over the summer; exact timings will be confirmed as soon as possible.

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