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My name is Janet Bloor. I am a resident in Nuneaton and I have just received a letter from my borough informing me that the garden waste collection service will be discontinued with effect from 7 May.   The services provided by SDC are already pitifully inadequate and of pretty poor quality, but this move is extraordinary what is the point of paying our council tax if we can't even have a reasonably effective and efficient service providing basic services such as rubbish collection and grass cutting?.

green waste collection in Dursley Gloucestershire, Areas in Gloucestershire covered by Garden Waste Collection Dursley Removals:  Cheltenham, Cirencester, Coleford, Dursley, Ebley, Gloucester, Longwell Green, Nailsworth, Northleach, Stonehouse, StowontheWold, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Thornbury, WottonunderEdge, Yate including all surrounding Gloucestershire post code areas. Garden Waste Collection Dursley Removals based in Dursley Gloucestershire are the local green waste collectors. Three Counties offer a comprehensive and tailored range of domestic and trade services, including ecofriendly rubbish collection and recycling to deliver cost effective solutions to all our customers across Gloucestershire.
Garden Waste Collection Dursley Dursley is Gloucestershire's favourite company, and we've been helping our customers get rid of their garden waste for over a decade with one of the largest ranges of gardeners waste collection services available, at amazingly competitive prices. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff are on hand to handle any questions you may have, along with big discounts on larger orders. Our large fleet of vehicles will collect and dispose of your garden waste responsibly.
There are currently no plans for a garden waste collection in Dursley, but we endeavour to provide information as it becomes available so that residents are aware and can plan their year. If a service has not started, or does not resume in future, we ask residents to dispose of their garden waste in the following ways. WE NEED TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF SUCH A PROBLEM, TO KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN AND PREVENT THE INCREASED PROBLEM OF "GARDEN WASTE" BEING FLYTIPPED BY PEOPLE WHO CANNOT BEAR TO STORE IT FOR SO LONG.
Collection of 'garden waste only'under the SDC, Garden Waste Collection Dursley and Dursley Borough Council has been turned into a major farce with piles of bulky household waste being regularly left outside my property. The interface for the garden waste collection is an absolute joke – I continually have to contact whoever is responsible for this mess, on average every 46 weeks so far this year and it all has to be dealt with in the one collection! Yes there may be a few of us in this situation who are irate at having to suffer inconvenience but the vast majority will be absolutely furious.

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This is. In the 1990s, Gloucestershire Citizens Advice Bureau was given a government grant to produce a leaflet called 'Dealing with your Garden waste'. This leaflet was revised a number of times by DCB, until about 3 years ago when it was discontinued and a new version was produced in association with SDC. This new leaflet does give clear guidelines for what can and cannot be put into household brown bins. Garden Waste Collection Dursley Dursley offer a number of waste collection services in the Dursley area.

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If you are looking to dispose of your rubbish, whether it is general household rubbish, garden waste or business waste we can arrange a suitable service at a time that suits you. The garden waste service is for the residents of Gloucestershire only and not for any commercial companies. During the rollout of new domestic green garden waste collections in Dursley, SDC and Garden Waste Collection Dursley need to urgently rethink the situation as it is unfair on the householder.

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It could lead to people wrongly fly tipping their garden waste because they literally cannot store it for what we are told could be up to 6 months. The new service means garden waste will be collected on the same day as your normal wheeledbin rubbish collection. It will be collected fortnightly from the last Tuesday of each month. Garden waste is restricted to a maximum weight of 20kg, and no more than two sacks can be placed for collection.

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