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This new waste collection service, provided by Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe, is a great initiative. One of the concerns we have with many of the operators we deal with, is that they are only insured to do their own vehicles, not those they assist us with. This means if they were to be injured while assisting with one of our waste collections or recycling sessions, then there would be no one on hand to pick up any household waste which could lead to it being fly tipped.

Everything has been cleared and we are delighted that this business is offering council tax payers and residents the chance of full insurance cover at a reasonable cost. The council and Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe are endeavouring to deliver as many of our waste services as possible but our staff, who are key workers, are not immune to this terrible virus. This new service will enable us to continue to provide a very high level of service. In fact we will be able to keep up to date with the most efficient and environmentallyfriendly ways to remove the waste from the county.
In view of this the council is perfectly happy for the residents and small businesses in Winchcombe and other parts of the county who already have deals with other providers to continue their existing arrangements. Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe has taken over from Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe at supporting kerbside, garden waste collections in Winchcombe. This is not an emergency service. The contract remains with the council so residents will continue to pay less than they did under Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe and the service will continue.
“By using this collection service, I would suggest it will help reduce the cost of domestic waste for residents. It is cheaper than paying all of the commercial price, which would be the equivalent to me going out into every street in my ward. The money is being invested in local communities and I am sure that Councillor Mason and his colleagues will be doing a giant skip to work are far more motivated than me.
waste collection resumes as normal on Monday 5th February with three crews working. This is fantastic and testament to the staff themselves for not succumbing to ill health. We have worked with Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe and they have agreed to provide a small number of their drivers on an adhoc, call out basis. Our usual service will continue, we just ask for your continued patience while this takes place. The introduction of the waste collection winchcombe comes as a result of the increasing demand from local residents to bring this service back into action.

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The borough council agreed at its last meeting to examine the various options and Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe with their vast experience and proven track record were selected as our partner for this scheme. To mitigate this, like many other councils we are exploring the potential of partnerships and new technology. The new Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe Winchcombe service we are inaugurating with Garden Waste Collection Winchcombe is one such innovation. It could help us cut costs, increase the availability of services and enhance residents’ customer service experience.

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