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Garden Waste Collection In Litherland

The new Litherland garden waste collection service will run from May to October each year. Around four thousand properties will receive a 240 litre wheelie bin, with residents in the other areas expected to share bins with their neighbours or use larger communal bins. RESIDENTS across Litherland, Netherton and Orrell will be able to recycle their garden waste for the first time when the borough council rolls out a new service tomorrow. Residents will receive a 240 litre black wheeled bin to use for storing garden waste.

The green wheelie bin will be able to hold up to two bags of waste, compostable garden waste or three logs. This is the first stage of a wider rollout in 2018/2019 which aims to provide the service to 90% of Liverpool's households (around 170,000). It will also enable those who currently don't recycle green waste or have difficulty getting their waste bins out for collection every fortnight, the opportunity to recycle their green waste, get rid of waste such as garden cuttings and household food scraps and contribute to reducing Liverpool's carbon footprint.
It will be collected every three weeks. As part of the service, there will also be a new brown box with a handle that residents can fill to take excess garden waste any time during the week to one of three recycling centres in the borough. An awardwinning garden waste collection in Litherland Merseyside is helping to protect both wildlife and habitats, it can be revealed.   The scheme has won a prestigious national award this summer in recognition of its work.
We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Wirral Borough Council to provide a new waste collection service for residents in Litherland. The service will be provided as an alternative to the existing kerbside collection just a short distance away and will be tailored to suit local needs. The new scheme has been welcomed by the residents and work is already underway to get the service under way. There is also a community recycling centre at Linacre where people can take items that are not suitable for green wheelie bins such as TVs, tyres and fridges.
The pilot is collecting garden waste in Litherland, and the council are in talks with people in other areas of Sefton to hear their views on the possibility of a full rollout. Thirty families in the region will be collecting garden waste from their back door for the first time, as a part of the new scheme. Garden Waste Collection Litherland Kirkby is a local waste collection company who have carried out waste collections for both commercial and private customers in north Liverpool.

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The council is currently delivering green waste bins to households in Linacre, Derby, Litherland and the surrounding areas. The new bins will be delivered over the next few weeks. Why not recycle paper, glass and cans at one of our 14 facilities across Merseyside? Simply visit us to see what else you can go green with. Garden Waste Collection Litherland Kirkby provide green waste collection and recycling facilities for Liverpool residents in Kirkby. Their services are available in a number of locations across Merseyside.

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Our purposebuilt bin is suited for paper or card packaging, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs; all the general household packaging that residents would be asked to separate out for the Litherland Merseyside Recycling Centre. The weekly service will allow residents to dispose of their garden waste in one clear bag. The bags will be available for resident's use from the council offices in West Derby at a cost of £1 each. Garden Waste Collection Litherland Litherland, This new scheme has five times the capacity of the old one meaning it will be able to cope with the rubbish from 4,000 homes in just one week.

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The wheeled bins are being delivered to households from this week, as part of the first phase of a programme of green waste collections across Sefton. Sefton Council is investing £1. 5 million in greenwaste collections, which will benefit people living in the borough and make good use of green waste left behind by residents on their gardens and public spaces. The new scheme has been welcomed by the Friends of Litherland Millennium Wood, with two days a year set aside for volunteers to collect litter from the nearby green spaces.

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Residents across Merseyside are being invited to recycle more of their green waste, grass cuttings, leaves and plant clippings. Starting on 12th May 2015, households in Linacre, Derby, Litherland, Ford, Church, Blundellsands, Netherton and Orrell & Victoria will begin to receive two new green recycling wheelie bins as part of the scheme. Residents who sign up to the collecting service will receive a 240 litre green waste bin, while a 120 litre grey waste bin is available for their household refuse.

Garden Waste Collection In Litherland Merseyside

To sign up for the service and order a bin, residents should contact their local housing office or call 0800 772 3859 and quote 'Litherland Green Bin'. The green waste recycling boxes, which should be home delivered by December 21, are taking domestic rubbish away from around 4,000 homes to a specialist facility in Kirkby. Areas being targeted are Linacre, Derby, Litherland, Ford, Church, Blundellsands, Netherton and Orrell & Victoria. Councils across Merseyside are set to start a new public green waste scheme later this month as part of a pilot to make it easier for residents to recycle their garden waste.

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