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Garden Waste Collection In Southport

We, residents of the Wirral, are asking Sefton Council to take us on as clients for garden waste collection. We believe it is time to start collecting garden waste throughout the year, only a third of households in Southport receive a green wheeled bin to put their garden waste in and even fewer in Ellesmere Port and Neston. We don't need to be told that gardening is a growing hobby with over 1 million people enjoying themselves in their own green space.

Garden Waste Collection Southport Southport offers the cheapest green waste collection Southport Merseyside, i. e. we are the best value green waste collection Southport Merseyside which includes recycling services along with all our other services that we offer to our customers. We provide our clients a cost effective, environmentally friendly and responsible service that needs to be hand in hand with each other. The properly maintained truck can play an important role in reducing the carbon footprint of your business, and the environment as a whole.
Southport's local residents are calling on Sefton council to start collecting garden waste year round. Currently, collections only happen from January to March due to budget constraints. However, the council have confirmed that if a demand exists, a tender will be submitted for private contractors and then a decision will be made. Sefton Council responds to the request of the Southport residents requesting garden waste collection throughout the year. With a view to making this initiative possible it would be necessary for the council to employ an additional two people, which would mean an increase of £35,000 in costs.
At RFS Services we provide professional commercial waste collection Southport that is efficient and effective. We operate in the Southport area on behalf of all local authorities and private firms. Our green waste collection service in Southport is a specialist ecofriendly service aimed to help the environment and at the same time provide a much needed resource of bulky garden waste. Garden Waste Collection Southport Southport offer an extensive range of top quality services which include. Our green waste collection service is available for all domestic properties as well as flats, offices, schools, colleges and even supermarkets.
There is already provision for garden waste collection in England, however this is currently only available from 1st April to 30th November. Sefton Council have been asked to consider extending the availability of garden waste collections to all 12 months of the year. Recycle your garden waste with Garden Waste Collection Southport Southport's garden waste collection service in Southport, Merseyside. Whether you have a bag full of cuttings or just want a green tip for the month, they can help.

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We also offer a small skip hire service in Southport, Merseyside. We provide GREENWISE waste services to our customers. Our green waste collection service in Southport offers a quality service tailored to each specific need of the customer and due to our use of dual collection vehicles we are able to provide a top quality service at very affordable prices. Garden Waste Collection Southport Southport provides a reliable second generation green waste collection in Southport Merseyside, as well as providing the residents with an array of recycling services.

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Why do we need a garden waste collection service? Why not let us have it all year round, not only when you want the compost for your parks? We pay for our Council Tax just as the people that live in Southport do, why do they have it but we don't? I didn't even know about this petition until after I contacted the council. It's like Sefton Council are hiding something. I am concerned that they might change their policy now they know there is a petition going on.

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Garden Waste Collection Southport Southport is a Merseyside based company that provides professional, reliable and cost effective green waste collection services. We use dual compartment vehicles to collect all sorts of green waste which include grass cuttings along with garden clippings and leaves. Our green waste collection in Southport is also available for builders and other commercial clients who need a reliable, cheap, fast service for disposing of a few tonnes on green waste or bulky household items.

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We need to get this issue resolved to allow us to keep our own compost piles. Garden waste is collected across parts of the country with distinct seasons, and unfortunately does not extend to all areas. You can subscribe to the service, and a weekly collection will occur outside your property gate between April and October each time. garden waste collections are only for householders with addresses in Southport. Southport residents are being asked by Sefton Council to make an online response or attend a public meeting to show their views on the option of collecting garden waste throughout the year.

Garden Waste Collection In Southport Merseyside

green waste collection is offered in Southport by us on a weekly basis, using a dual compartment vehicle. This ensures that no matter what, your green waste will be disposed of correctly. We also offer weekly collections in Crossens, Altcar and Ormskirk areas. Use the same driver each week so they get to know you and vice versa! Our drivers are trained to the highest standards so that you can rest assured that your important green waste will be collected safely and responsibly.

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