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Garden Waste Collection In Minehead

A full Garden Waste Collection Minehead Minehead will help you get your garden and home clear of unwanted Christmas waste. The Garden Waste Collection Minehead Minehead is a single point of information for the 2011 – 2014 provisional collection dates for your area. Use it to find your collection day or check when it changes over the festive period. garden waste collections on all SWP managed waste sites are suspended from Good Friday 5th April until the following Monday, Easter Tuesday 7th April.

The household recycling and food waste collection service in Minehead will resume on Tuesday 26 May. Following a twoweek suspension due to high volumes of traffic, the rollout site in Minehead was recommissioned today at 14:00hrs by Waste and Recycling cabinet member, Services for Communities, Councillor Kevin Slocombe. The remaining five sites Cheddar, Crewkerne, Castle Cary (Dimmer), Minehead and Somerton are expected to reopen from Tuesday, May 26. Line markings have been added to road surfaces at the closedoff site, ensuring that traffic can move.
Collections from the kerbside will resume on Wednesday 8th April, as usual. The full list of revised collection dates is available on the SWP website. We will only be collecting green garden waste for the period of time that we are normally active on a particular route. The full list of revised collection dates is below, where "normal collection date" refers to our normal day of collections for your area. SWP has issued a list of revised collection dates for garden waste over the Christmas and New Year period.
The service will be the same as it was on the five closed sites but with a new lorry, which is larger and has more capacity. The contractor, Garden Waste Collection Minehead, will visit your area at regular times each week for the duration of the fiveyear contract. We have been working closely with your local councillors and parish councils to hear your views and put them into consideration when planning to make changes to the waste collection service.
Collection details have changed due to the bank holiday which falls on Tuesday 30 th December 2016…. Garden Waste Collection Minehead Minehead: SWP provides a weekly garden waste collection service in Minehead. Garden waste is collected every week throughout the year on the same day as your refuse collections. SWP has also published its festive waste collection planned for Minehead, where the days for the coming weeks are as follows. At Garden Waste Collection Minehead we specialise in comprehensive waste collection services for domestic and commercial clients.

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Residents of Minehead are set to benefit from faster and more efficient collection of green waste after a new scheme was rolled out last year. It is an exciting opportunity for homeowners, who have previously been reliant on being left with plastic bags for weeks at a time. The five household sites across Somerset take grass clippings, leaves and plants in standard black bin bags for composting. Plans to return the five sites to recycling have been well received by residents and businesses, who welcome the return of this essential service.

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The SWP has also published a revised list of days for the festive season to take account of the various bank holidays. The new collection dates will begin on Monday, December 20th, so please check whether your normal collection day falls in the first or second week of the new year. If you have any queries regarding these changes please contact the SWP on 0800 772 3859 or email [email protected] . waste collection in Minehead Somerset at the front of your property is a great convenience.

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waste collection officers were on site at 10am today, Monday, May 25, continuing the process of reversing the changes made shortly before Christmas when it was announced that all sites would close due to a lack of investment. From 26th May, we will be resuming green waste recycling in Minehead. We will also be keeping a close eye on things and if it appears that the performance of the sites is not as we would expect, and we do find there is antisocial behaviour taking place at these sites, we can always take one or more of them back off site again.

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Local residents are pleased that the service seems to be well planned and efficient, with a very high level of satisfaction. It's also a bonus that they dispose of excess garden waste free of charge for residents. Pickup days are published on their website, which saves time. If you live in Minehead or the surrounding area and want a oneoff collection of garden waste, you can order this to take place at any point during November or December 2011.

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There has been a very positive response to the new arrangements for green waste collections in Minehead, and this includes reducing the sites by more than 300. This means there is less diversion from landfill, and people are less inconvenienced by a smaller number of sites. I hope residents don't mind making that small extra effort to put their green waste out on the right day, for the good of the town and our environment.

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