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Garden Waste Collection In Wellington

The objective of the campaign is to make people aware that collection service for garden waste in Wellington and other areas will end on 31 August. The message is simple: if you had your green waste collected on your property up until now, you need to arrange for someone else to clear it away. There are a number of options for customers wanting to dispose of their green waste in a responsible manner. Some of those options are free like leaving it in your garden or reusing it as compost and some cost money.

Any customer who would have had garden waste collected every week because of the financial contribution made, will now have no change to how frequently they pay for this service. For customers paying for a twoweekly collection, it will be as if they were consistently paying for a weekly collection instead. Our crews worked their normal hours over the Christmas holiday but experienced some technical problems with vehicles that led to fewer collections than expected.
Garden Waste Collection Wellington service in Wellington, Somerset, is to be withdrawn from Monday 19 February 2016 while the new way of charging is developed. The decision has been made following a review of waste collections throughout the County. Community groups who were due to receive financial support from the garden waste collection scheme in Wellington through the Garden Waste Collection Wellington are instead being offered a free lease of the equipment. PH8, which covers the Hutton, Weston and North Worle area, stopped receiving fortnightly collections of garden waste after Garden Waste Collection Wellington said it could no longer afford to cover the cost.
We understand that recycling and reusing waste is far better for our environment than sending it to landfill. Our green waste collection scheme aims to limit the amount of garden waste we send to the local landfill site in Wellington. The service has been running for a while now, but unfortunately our contractor has had to suspend their operations today due to safety concerns over excess stock of garden waste bags that have flooded the market.
This will be made up for by a new, weekly food waste collection service that everyone will be eligible for and £75 compensation for anyone who’s already paid for garden waste collections. We are aware that this is in line with our counterparts across the country, and sends out a strong message that it’s not acceptable to use your green recycling bin as an oversize general waste bin. We’re proud of the award we have been given for the quality of our recycling service – which means we have to raise standards across the board.

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Anyone not yet paid for garden waste collections can call 0800 772 3859 and arrangements will be made to compensate them fully. We understand the distress this will cause, but we’ve done everything we can to minimise any losses suffered. Hopefully it is a limited period only until the new service begins. If anyone has any further questions they should contact Garden Waste Collection Wellington on 0800 772 3859 ”. We have listened to our customers’ views and come to the decision that this is the right thing to do.

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Councils in Somerset started charging residents to collect their garden waste last year after government funding was axed. Research has shown that councils are saving between 24 and 34 per cent through change and that our recycling rates have gone even higher, up to 42 per cent in some areas. We really are doing everything we can to encourage recycling in the county, but without enough money coming in from Government we’re left with no option but to charge for garden waste collections.

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Instead of introducing garden waste collections in September, we are focusing on ensuring every community will be able to recycle more material and divert even more from going to landfill by the next stage of our plan. We are really pleased with how the scheme has worked out. If you live in Wellington, you’ll have to use alternative ways to dispose of your garden waste as the green waste service will no longer run after December 31, 2016.

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Garden Waste Collection Wellington has agreed with the decision to stop the garden waste collections in Wellington. This is because there is not enough capacity to collect it safely. Garden waste is one of the most expensive items for local authorities to collect and dispose of compared to other materials such as food and recyclables at £467 per tonne. More information is available on the Garden Waste Collection Wellington website: Garden Waste Collection Wellington. This follows an escalation in residents not using garden waste services correctly, either by not using their garden waste caddy at all, or not using it enough to qualify for a full collection under the terms of the scheme.

Garden Waste Collection In Wellington Somerset

Instead we’re asking residents to take all their undecomposed green waste, such as leaves, grass and hedge clippings, to one of the six composting sites across the district. The Government’s Green Waste Grant Scheme has been excellent in encouraging the uptake of green waste collections, but will end shortly. We at Garden Waste Collection Wellington are pleased with the work that has been done by local residents through the scheme, and have made sure their payments for each year will be refunded to them.

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