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Opentop recycling bins are now available for use in the areas of Penkridge directly affected by today’s collection suspension; these are the same as are used by other local authorities. There are also recycling facilities in the Civic Hall, Penkridge. Residents are reminded that Bridgtown Lane is closed to traffic and all vehicles should proceed on the diversion via Poplar Road, Primitive Street, Union Street and Rising Brook Road. Residents in Coppenhall and parts of Penkridge will face an extra fortnight before their green bins are collected again after a technical problem led to the entire service stopping "We apologise for this delay but we are working hard to get it sorted as soon as possible," the statement added.

Residents have been reminded that they should put their green bin out again on the next scheduled waste collection day, even if they put it out within 24 hours of the latest collection. The council will collect all containers left out beyond this time. We are again having to collect the green bins that were not emptied last week due to the driver being suspended. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and would like to thank you all for your continued support and understanding.
If you’re in one of the affected areas, you can put your green bin out again for collection on the next scheduled collection day but please don’t use it for garden waste until then. Garden waste includes leaves, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and other gathered plants. Residents in part of the Penkridge area are being advised to put out their green bin waste again next week, after a full week’s worth of collections were cancelled.
Garden Waste Collection Penkridge in Penkridge are notifying customers that a small number of green bins will be collected one day later than normal. We offer a large range of services for domestic and commercial customers, from price comparison to bin cleaning! Our promise is to meet all the requirements for waste collections and work with you to find the best solution for your needs. It's that simple. They are registered with Garden Waste Collection Penkridge, MTC 004862 . Call 0800 772 3859 now.
The 8km area is affected Coppenhall, Dunston and a small part of Penkridge. Affected areas of Penkridge have been notified and people who live in the area will be told to put their green bin out again next week, which could then be collected during the scheduled waste collection in two weeks’ time. We can offer a number of services for Newcastle under Lyme, including waste collection, recycling, commercial rubbish clearance and general waste removal.

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Residents in Penkridge, Staffordshire, are being urged to retrieve their green waste after plans to collect it in the area had to be cancelled at short notice. Penkridge Council announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, the green waste collection in Penkridge and nearby Coppenhall and Dunston today (25 April) would be cancelled. Week commencing Monday 25 November 2017, the green waste collection service will be reinstated to affected areas of Penkridge allowing residents to dispose of their unwanted shed and garden waste in their green bin.

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green waste collections will run as normal for Penkridge, Dunston and Coppenhall residents – with all green bins being collected on the same day as usual. For residents in Standon, Brownhills, Brewood and Swinnerton their green bin is normally collected one week after blues and browns – these residents do not need to put their bins out again but should keep it for the next scheduled collection day. However they should continue to put their other waste out as normal on July 9th.

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Residents in parts of Penkridge, Coppenhall and Dunston were left without their green bins for a week after the Staffordshire household waste recycling centre at Penkridge closed unexpectedly due to sickness. Residents affected by the twoweek delay in green waste collection in Penkridge and surrounding areas are being urged to put their recycling bins out again on the next scheduled collection day. Green waste is not currently be collected from homes in parts of Penkridge over the next two weeks due to a technical fault with one of the green wheelie bin lorries.

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Our licensed waste collection in Penkridge offers residents the chance to recycle their old waste and put their green bin out for collection again in two weeks’ time. The collection service extends to Coppenhall, Dunston, and a small area of Penkridge. We also have an office located in Staffordshire that deal with our waste disposal and recycling contracts. For the last two weeks, householders from Coppenhall, Dunston and Penkridge have been advised to put their garden waste out for collection by Staffordshire County Council as a result of an isolated incident of bluegreen sludge contamination.

Garden Waste Collection In Penkridge Staffordshire

garden waste collection has been suspended until further notice in Penkridge, Coppenhall, Dunston and a small area of nearby Penkridge. Collection services will be unaffected in most parts of Trentham, Hanchurch and Brewood. Householders in Coppenhall and Dunston are being advised to put their green bins out again as a trial of the new waste collection system, involving communal wheelie bins and smaller recycling bins, continues. Penkridge District Council has been forced to cancel its regular green bin waste collection service in the following areas of Penkridge this week (Monday, January 30) because of a shortage of green bins.

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