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Garden Waste Collection In Canterbury

Householders will be hit with a new compulsory annual charge of £97 to have their leaves, grass clippings and hedge trimmings collected from April. The proposed scheme is being billed as an essential way to tackle one of Kent's biggest problems rubbish dumped on verges and in ditches and waterways. Free garden waste collections have been axed for Canterbury residents and replaced with a new charge of £35. 42 a year. The annual charge applies to households which currently get roadside collections of leaves, grass cuttings and branches from March to October.

Residents will have to pay up to 10 times more for garden waste collections in Canterbury than some of their neighbours. I took the idea that multilevel pricing – charging people more based on their property value – is wrong, the fact that my immediate neighbour is going to pay half what I do but a mile or two away it's closer to 25% of the council tax rate, and given that I've got three kids at home it doesn't seem right.
garden waste collection in Canterbury will double in cost and be the most expensive in Kent under a new council scheme. From April, Canterbury borough residents will pay up to £155 a year for household green waste collection. Residents across Canterbury will soon have to stump up an extra CAN£12 on top of their council tax bill to use the service. That means £51 a year for two small bins – more than any other area in Kent.
" The new regulations are intended to encourage greater recycling, as well as making residents pay for their waste. But families living in downmarket housing in areas such as Broadmere. Caen Farm, of Canterbury, has won a contract from Kent County Council to collect garden waste for the next five years. It will cost householders who pay council tax £8. 30 a year extra. The service begins on August 9  for up to 200,000 householders in the city and surrounding areas, such as Whitstable.
A new charge to collect garden waste in Canterbury will be the highest in Kent, we can reveal. The Daily Mail's Great Garden Waste Scandal campaign has highlighted the issue of nonrecyclable and unsavoury green bag rubbish polluting our seas, rivers and countryside from unacceptable uncontrolled flytipping in our rural areas. Many councils are now charging householders to take away green gardening waste collected outside the recycling collections. New waste collection services for households in Canterbury will include a charge for garden waste – the highest in Kent.

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For others across the county, garden waste collection is free. Colin Campbell, of Canterbury, has been paying £45 a year for green garden waste collections from his local council. But he has been told the price will increase to £65 a year for collection with a group of other householders who have agreed to recycle waste rather than pay the penalty charge. The region's green wheelie bins will cost up to £30 a year to fill with grass cuttings, leaves and other garden waste, churchyard flowers, and unwanted vegetables.

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We can reveal that South Canterbury will pay £85 to have up to ten sacks collected each year, while West Kent will pay £80 for eight sacks – also the highest charge in the county. This summer's District Council election will be the first time that householders have had to pay a levy to have their garden waste collected. The charge for garden waste collection in Canterbury will be the highest in Kent, and councils are spending £5m a year on dealing with abandoned bags of green waste across the county.

Professional Garden Waste Collection In Canterbury Kent

This will be more than double the current cost in other councils in Kent. Kent County Council's new charge to collect garden waste from domestic premises will start next month in a region where three out of five people don't know the correct way to dispose of green waste. The garden waste collection in Canterbury, Kent will include the city council's core area and also extend into Swale. Similar services in Kent and surrounding areas including Thanet, Margate, Canterbury, Sandwich, Herne Bay, Ramsgate, Broadstairs.

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Canterbury Borough Council is to introduce a new scheme that will make it one of only four in the county to charge for garden waste collection and the only one to apply a charge to domestic ratepayers. A new charge for domestic garden waste collections in Canterbury has been revealed and will be the highest charged across Kent. Canterbury is the last authority in Kent to introduce this scheme, charging residents £36 a year per household, compared with the £8.

Garden Waste Collection In Canterbury Kent

The average annual fee to collect green waste in Canterbury will be £313, with collections every two months. Kent County Council [KCC] estimates this will cost a household an extra £4. 60 per month or £59. 20 a year, on top of the existing general waste collections – bringing the monthly bill to around £169 for a twoperson household. Residents of Canterbury will have to pay the highest price for garden waste collections in Kent ­– a whopping £3.

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