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Garden Waste Collection In Whitstable

Welcome to Garden Waste Collection Whitstable Management's garden waste site in Whitstable, Kent. Here we collect all grass and garden clippings in compostable bags making them easy for us to turn into the highest quality compost. This raw material, known as green waste, is used by local and commercial growers to make highquality compost. We also use this material to make mulch, which is a surface dressing for soil that helps retain moisture, reduces weed growth and prevents soil erosion, helping improve crop yields as well as reducing the cost of fertilizer usage.

The price of green garden waste collection in Whitstable will be the highest in Kent. The city council has decided to charge £88 per year. Councils across Kent are introducing new charges for collecting garden waste. Canterbury will charge £60 and Tonbridge and Malling £56. Collections start on April 1 next year. It will cost residents £80 a year to have their grass clippings, hedge trimmings and leaves collected in sacks from their homes. That is the highest charge for garden waste in Kent and on current figures it would cost a household in Whitstable £44ayear less to take the material to the tip themselves.
The current garden waste recycling service, which is renowned for being one of the best in the country, will continue as normal. garden waste collection is changing because the new standard sized brown bins are larger than the current garden waste bins. The new bins have been rolled out across the borough, offered to all households and businesses. We are moving to fortnightly collections for all household waste from March 2016. This is to ensure a more efficient service, which will help save taxpayer's money.
The council's proposed £50 charge for a green waste collection in Whitstable Kent, to encourage householders to recycle more, was the highest in Kent. It will be introduced from March 1. The western area of Canterbury borough will be charged £55, the second highest rate in Kent. A new charge to collect waste in Canterbury will be the highest in Kent, we can reveal. Residents who put green waste in their brown bins will have to pay £100 a year but gardeners elsewhere are enjoying a £48ayear service.
Our garden waste collection service will end on Christmas Eve and resume in March. Other changes to the operation of our contract include reducing the number of refuse vehicles used each day. Our staff continue to ensure the streets are cleaned to the high standard that residents have come to expect and they will keep this contract successful. We are aware of the concerns expressed by residents over the end of garden waste collections on 24 December.

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Garden waste collectors across Canterbury have raised concerns about a new charge to collect green waste, claiming it will be 'the highest in Kent'. The cost of having garden waste collected has risen to £13 a year – an increase of more than a third – from today. The move by Canterbury City Council means those living in the city will pay the same as those householders living in neighbouring authorities. However, charges in other council areas are significantly lower.

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The council will manage its garden waste collection service by asking householders to put out their own bags for collection, with the nearest greenlid bin available to be used to dispose of any garden waste not covered by the changed collections. The changes mean the council will remove more than 17 tonnes of recyclable material from waste collected annually across Whitstable and the current garden waste only service is expected to save the council in excess of £100,000 per year.

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On November 21, Canterbury City Council's annual charge for garden waste collections will increase from £30 to £36. The new price for a brown bin, collected every two weeks, is £31. 50 the most expensive in Kent. The charge, to be imposed from April 1, is £32 a year in Canterbury – the highest of the eight councils in Kent that have now introduced green waste collections. The cost of collecting garden waste in Canterbury is about to rise to the highest level in Kent, new figures have revealed.

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Albert Millican, Kent County Council's cabinet member for environment, said: "The Christmas period marks just over one per cent of Kent's year and carries more financial risk for a council whose budgets have been cut by nearly a fifth since 2010 while the need for household waste collections continues to rise. This is why the Conservativeled administration made the decision last September to change collections from fortnightly to monthly in March 2015. One of the core routes SE22 covering Whitstable and the surrounding area – has been included in a contract award to Kent Garden Waste Collection Whitstable, which already manages two other routes in the town.

Garden Waste Collection In Whitstable Kent

Operations Manager Andrew Cawthorne said: "We're really looking forward to starting work on the new route. We provide a reliable garden waste collection service at a fraction of the cost of Garden Waste Collection Whitstable, so we believe residents will be very happy with the change. This will mean residents will need to hold on to their garden waste until the new year. We recognise this is not ideal. However, after carefully weighing up the points, it's been decided that this change will bring benefits to residents in terms of budget, service quality and compliance with obligations.

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