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Every New Year, we review our gardens waste collection service to ensure rates are as competitive as possible. Over the Christmas period, we were struggling to cope with the amount being delivered to our sites, especially food leftovers. As a result, it’s more expensive to collect than it was last year and we can’t justify increasing our charges. We’ve therefore made the decision to defer the renewal for two months while we work with partners like Garden Waste Collection Devizes n and Garden Waste Collection Devizes Group (to which Wiltshire Council belongs) on a longerterm solution.

Does your garden waste need collecting in Devizes? In order to comply with the law we need you to register for a green waste collection service. Here at Wiltshire Council, we want to help: so we have devised a simple 3 step process. Collection Only offers waste disposal in Devizes, Wiltshire. green waste collection is fully supported and collection companies often provide a 24 hour service. Cricklade is a location in the county of Wiltshire in the UK.
Councils across the country are unfortunately being forced to consider new ways of supporting their residents in disposing of their garden waste. Like our colleagues in other parts of the country we are doing everything we can to support local people through this change, which will inevitably cause some inconvenience. We completely appreciate that this is a difficult time for our residents and would like to thank them for their continued patience while we work together on a long term solution.
Turn your garden into a haven for wildlife with our  green waste collection  in  Devizes , Wiltshire . Available from 1 April 2015, by ordering you'll help to support our wildlife and save money for the towns in your area. Place an order by calling 0800 772 3859 The Garden Waste Collection Devizes Cricklade page explains about its green waste collection service. Using their website or phone number listed on the page, residents can check when to put out their rubbish.
We want to make sure that the new service will be robust and deliver what people in Devizes need and expect from us. This means that collections will remain as they are until the end of June – so there is no need for households to take out advance collection orders. This delay is not a decision we have taken lightly, and the possibility of deferring was first discussed with our provider a year ago when introducing Covid19.

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With the national disruption to garden waste collections set to continue until May 2019, we will be postponing our decision on how to provide the service in Devizes when our current contract ends in January. We know this is disappointing and frustrating for householders. Given that we’re likely to see a significant increase in contamination levels with only one contractor able to collect garden waste, we are looking at ways of providing the most cost efficient and effective service for all three years of our contract.

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We recognise that the price increases to our Covid garden waste collections is very much welcomed. The increase has had a huge impact on Cllr Alan Hunt, Leader of Wiltshire Council said: “Waste is one of those key services that all households and businesses in Wiltshire will have to face costs increases over the next few years. With the introduction of our new garden waste service – Covid19 – just days away, Wiltshire Council is giving residents more time to understand the new rules.

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Devizes has now been chosen as part of a pilot scheme which will run for six months. Following feedback from our customers and garden waste providers we have decided to delay the introduction of this change for a two month period. For details how your waste is collected please check the Wiltshire Council website. All visitors to the Wiltshire Council rubbish recycling centre in Cricklade will have £1 off their entrance fee when they present the vouchers.

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