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Cheshire West and Chester Council's regular green garden waste collections are an excellent way to dispose of hedge clippings, prunings and grass cuttings. However, as we enter peak flu season we have had to stop our scheduled green garden waste collections. If you have bulky green garden waste which cannot be left at the kerbside for collection, do not worry because Garden Waste Collection Neston has a free bulky collection service that they run as part of the community recycling service.

Suspending all garden waste collections for a period of two months was not taken lightly, however the volume of garden waste we have to accept now is 20% greater than it was when the service launched in March. We have approached Cheshire West and Chester Council for assistance and they have pledged support to reduce the amount of garden waste we have to collect each week, whilst also committing that they will try and contribute additional funding to ensure garden waste is collected throughout 2009.
The Greener Recycling Partnership in Neston has extended the suspension of its garden waste collection for households who are currently unable to take their garden waste to the Neston Garden Waste Collection Neston. During this period, residents are able to dispose of their green garden waste in their brown wheelie bins. We are pleased to announce that the extended suspension of garden waste collections will continue for at least another month. This has been a difficult decision, but I am sure you will understand how important it is that we manage the potential impact on the effectiveness of the collection service.
Lancashire Highways has issued a set of frequently asked questions about the garden waste collection suspension. These are just some of the issues being raised by residents; 'Why have green garden waste collections been suspended?', 'When will they resume?', 'What happens to green waste left on the kerb at the point of collection?', 'Is black bin waste also not collected on these days?'and 'How much does it cost to dispose of garden waste at Alletside Waste Transfer Station?'.
Extending the suspension will allow the waste collection service to divert up to 173 tonnes of waste from landfills in the coming months. This will not only help the waste collection service to cope with increased pressures caused by the crisis, but also help save £60,000 in landfill costs. Our garden waste collection service helps to divert tonnes of waste from landfill sites, and will help partner authorities to manage the impact of the virus, enabling them to collect and dispose of refuse and recyclable materials whilst keeping their frontline services running.

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Council has made a decision to defer the collection of garden waste for noncommercial customers until further notice because of the increased pressure being placed on collections services by dioxin contaminated recycling collections. These collections are separate to designated 'green'waste bin collections, which continue as normal. "The council will do everything it can to keep the streets of Neston, Ellesmere Port and Chester as clean as possible now and throughout the pandemic. By extending the suspension of our green waste collections we hope to keep our green spaces open, tidy, well maintained and looking their best.

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To all customers of the Garden Garden Waste Collection Neston service in the Neston area, Cheshire West and Chester Council would like to advise that this service will remain suspended until further notice due to the continuing problems caused by this year's winter flu epidemic. Cheshire West & Chester Council has announced that waste collections from homes in the Neston area will be suspended for a further week due to an increased demand for services caused by the ongoing pandemic.

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The Garden Waste Collection Neston Neston service gives you an easy and convenient way of disposing of your garden waste whilst helping to keep Cheshire West and Chester Council tax low. By using the waste collection Neston service you will be recycling more, saving landfill space and keeping council taxes down for everyone. At Cheshire West and Chester Council, we understand that the green waste situation is frustrating for residents but also know that this is a national problem.

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