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Who Are Garden Waste Collection Melksham

Garden Waste Collection In Melksham

waste collection in Melksham run by Wiltshire Council is a cost effective way of disposing of your waste. Waste is collected the same day as your garden waste collection be it a recycling, or food waste collection. We are proud to offer the same day service in Melksham along with our other collections that we do and if you're not sure if we cover your area contact the friendly team at Melksham and District Recycling.

Although this has been a tough year for our green waste collection crews, the service is as popular as ever. The collection is for garden or hedge trimmings no longer than 35cm. A maximum of three standard carrier bags can be taken on each visit, and containers should not weigh more than 20kg. We ask that you separate any recyclable materials from the waste to ensure that they can be recycled locally. "We’ve worked hard to support residents and their green waste collections over the last year but, sadly, it has not been possible to run the service at the same level as before the landfill site was closed.
Wiltshire Council will collect garden waste for a final time in 2016 from Monday 15 December. The new year will see changes to how this waste is collected, with new collections increasing the frequency and length of time the garden waste can be left for collection. With the Christmas and New Year period approaching, there are some changes to garbage collection days. Residents in Melksham are advised to check their collection dates on the Wiltshire Council website, with some collections changed due to holiday observance.
The area’s Calor gas network technician is here today working on a gas leak in Melksham town centre; they work just around the corner so they are here and we are fixing things for you. The Wiltshire Council Garden Waste Collection Melksham service has been operating in Melksham since 2006. We have a team of dedicated staff who work to provide a reliable waste and recycling service for the residents, businesses and visitors to the area. This is an important service that helps us meet our statutory duties and we are proud to continue the service for Melksham's residents.
Wiltshire Council has confirmed that waste and recycling collection dates will change over the Christmas and New Year period. Residents are advised to check their revised collection dates on the Wiltshire Council website. The revised dates are. Our garden waste, recycling and food caddy collections begin on 19th December … our new collection dates for 2016 are as follows …. Melksham householders can now dispose of their garden waste throughout the year, rather than just during the summer months.

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Garden Waste Collection Melksham Melksham waste collection in Melksham Wiltshire continues to be made possible by hiring additional crews from other parts of the county. Wiltshire Council cabinet member for waste, Bridget Wayman, said: “This is a great saving to the council and means we are still able to collect green wheelie bins this year as previously agreed. Despite the extreme weather conditions, thanks to the continued hard work of the crew we have managed to maintain a green waste collection service throughout most of the year.

Affordable Garden Waste Collection In Melksham Wiltshire

At Wiltshire Council we're committed to reducing waste that goes to landfill, and making sure your rubbish is collected regularly is a key part of this. We collect all kinds of household waste weekly, including glass bottles and jars, paper and card, yard waste like grass cuttings or prunings from trees, food waste in black bags, and white goods like fridges, freezers and washing machines. In Melksham the tip can be found on Golf World drive at the southern end of the town.

Professional Garden Waste Collection In Melksham Wiltshire

This means residents were able to put out their green waste and keep up with any weeding or garden work they wanted to do at a time that fitted in with their own schedule. We worked very hard to find a solution to the issue and we hope that the introduction of green bins will be a step forward for our residents. The green bin is our most efficient way to dispose of your kitchen waste and it’s how we choose to recycle 60% of the waste collected from households in Melksham.

Expert Garden Waste Collection In Melksham Wiltshire

We provide garden waste collection in Melksham,there is also recycling points on the verge after the collection. If your a first time customer you will receive a weeks free trial and a FREE rain barrel too. This means your lawn cuttings do not need to go on the garden compost heap for a week and you can put them in the rain tank straight away. Collections of garden waste, recycling and other household rubbish will be taking place during the Christmas period.

Garden Waste Collection In Melksham Wiltshire

Wiltshire Council provides a biweekly green waste collection service to residents. From 1 February a lockdown is in place to all green waste, recyclable and mixed food waste bins within this area due to the large number of incomplete collections experienced since October 2016. Wiltshire Council is now able to lift the lockdown and resume kerbside green waste collections from tomorrow, Thursday 12 March 2017. Wiltshire Council has a fleet of tipper trucks, supported by a team of around 50 drivers and six mechanical operatives who are responsible for collecting household recycling as well as waste from the kerbside and businesses across the county.

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