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The new waste collection system for Grimsby and surrounding areas has now been running for over a year. Feedback from residents who have switched to the new green bin service has been really positive so far, with many people saying their recycling waste is now collected more often and finding our website very useful. We’re pleased to introduce this innovative technology to increase the capacity of the green bins and make things even easier for households to recycle.

The next area to benefit is Grimsby. Here, on Monday, a further 2,180 households will switch from having their waste collected once every two weeks to three times a week. This means that they’ll be receiving an extra collection every week for the same price. The weekly waste collections run from Monday to Friday and are aimed at encouraging residents to recycle more and only put out small amounts of garden waste. Once again we have secured green waste collection funding from the Defra Waste Levy Fund, worth a total of £684,718 over three years.
This is further to an investment of £2. 1 million from the Council to boost recycling and help North East Lincolnshire achieve its ambitious recycling target of 50% by 2020. North East Lincolnshire Council is offering its residents a new, more convenient service for bulky household waste and green waste. This will make it easier for residents to dispose of their green and bulky waste in just one visit. This garden waste is composted at one of the local Household Garden Waste Collection Grimsby Centres (HWRC).
The first stage of the project involved collecting all recyclable items including paper, cardboard, plastics and food waste together in a dedicated green bin. This is now being converted into fertiliser to benefit local parks and community gardens across the Borough. Cllr Swinburn added: “The introduction of green wheelie bins has not only increased recycling, but residents are also more aware of the importance of recycling. We now want to take this project one step further with weekly garden waste collections.
North East Lincolnshire Council’s waste collection teams are now collecting garden waste and food waste on the same day every week. This is in addition to the recycling collections made on the same day every fortnight. By introducing this new system, we will be able to put even more waste into our recycling centres for reprocessing with a view to making North East Lincolnshire a leader in the country in terms of ensuring materials are not wasted.

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Garden Waste Collection Grimsby Grimsby is the choice for green waste collection in Grimsby and the surrounding area. We deliver a reliable, high quality waste collection service at a competitive price. It's time to switch to Garden Waste Collection Grimsby Grimsby if you want to buy peace of mind. Our team will give you a free no obligation quote, plus their knowledge and experience we’ll help you make the right decision for your household. Our first phase saw the introduction of three new recycling plants in Grimsby, Caistor and Cleethorpes which process recycling from our residents and 12 surrounding parishes and produce recyclates for sale.

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These plants have been a key component to our success so far in creating additional recycling capacity”. North East Lincolnshire Council has teamed up with Garden Waste Collection Grimsby waste management to launch a new twobin system for collecting green waste in the district. All households will be provided with a green wheeled bin to dispose of their household green waste. Garden Waste Collection Grimsby are proud to accept garden waste in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Our fleet of recycling vehicles enable us to collect garden waste from both domestic and business premises across the area.

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