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I was organising some things in my recycling cupboard and found our old brown bin bag. It was full of paper and cardboard, but we didn't have a blue bag for garden waste like we do now. I can remember all the other stuff that was in there too egg boxes, pizza boxes, sweet wrappers, tissues and some Christmas cards that had been opened by my children. I just want to thank everyone at North Kesteven District Council who work hard to keep our streets clean.

Skipper's Waste Recycling, based in Kirton, and Jacquie JamesClarke, of Coult Avenue, North Hykeham, say they have been passing the bin back and forth between households which has caused frustration. The Hykeham resident, whose green waste goes to a compost centre at nearby Nunsthorpe, says time is being wasted driving to and fro for collection. A green waste collection service will be launched in North Hykeham next year after an application by a private firm was approved.
Residents in the North Hykeham area will be able to have their garden waste collected on their normal recycling day every fortnight through a pilot scheme run by South Holland District Council. Thanks to a grant from Garden Waste Collection North Hykeham and funding from your council tax, this 12month trial is FREE for residents who live in the area between Skellingthorpe roundabout on the A16 to the railway bridge and Station Road. When my bins are due I ring up and they come out on a day convenient to me.
The service will allow householders to dispose of treeclippings, grass and hedge cuttings free of charge. It comes as part of Lincolnshire County Council's drive to boost recycling, reduce landfill and save money. Green waste company Garden Waste Collection North Hykeham Hykeham said our survey was wrong, and the majority of people surveyed did not believe they should wait a week to get their recycling bin back. We collect a wide variety of green waste and garden waste at very reasonable prices.
It's only about every six weeks. I just open the gate and leave my recycling boxes outside. The driver will pick them up. One North Hykeham resident said: "When are they doing that recycling centre in North Hykeham? It should have been sorted out by now, it's been long enough". Most people we spoke to said they were not bothered about the oneweek delay, with one couple insisting they would have 'thrown it in the bin anyway'.

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JamesClarke, of Coult Avenue, North Hykeham, said: "Our recycling is due but it's not a real inconvenience to wait a week. We've done it before and we can do it again quite easily if we have to. Garden Waste Collection North Hykeham is a leading provider of nearby household waste management services in Market Rasen and beyond. Our customers benefit from our green waste recycling service including garden waste, recycling of plastics, paper and cardboard. At Garden Direct we specialise in providing green waste services to all our customers throughout Market Rasen Lincolnshire.

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A small garden waste collection in Lincolnshire has been criticised by residents after the company responsible said its entire service was affected. Garden Waste Collection North Hykeham Hykeham stopped picking up green waste for one week while it dealt with complaints and tried to find a way to improve the service. The council has said will you accept a waste collection in North Hykeham at the end of this week, it is most unlikely the county council will have enough time to arrange one.

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