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Interested in joining the thousands of Lincoln residents who are benefitting from a free weekly garden waste collection service, provided by Garden Waste Collection Lincoln ? Our selfservice wheelie bins are available for use by the entire city. Each bin contains a leaflet explaining where to place your waste and how to use your bin. If you need extra or replacement bags, they are available from our Lincoln Customer Service Point, and can be delivered for free to your door.

If you live in Lincolnshire, and have previously used Garden Waste Collection Lincoln waste services, then you will be aware of the disruption caused throughout the industry. The council is aware of the issues and is committed to maintaining your services as far as possible. Garden Waste Collection Lincoln will no longer be operating throughout the City of Lincoln in Lincolnshire, but the council is currently working on a solution to maintain your waste collection services across the borough. Garden Waste Collection Lincoln is continuing to collect your green and black bin waste in Lincoln along with our waste processing as normal.
Save up to 10℅ and recycling in Lincolnshire. You can now take advantage of our garden waste collection services in Lincoln and save money while you recycle more. We have a range of supporting collections available allowing you to recycle other items at no extra cost. We offer regular collections at no extra charge as well as a seasonal baling service for recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, cans and glass and household food waste.
We have been informed that the waste will be transferred to Energy from Waste plants outside of Lincolnshire. This does not affect your recycling service and these contracts are not affected by these changes. Meet the team responsible for collecting your green waste in Lincoln. City of Lincoln Council is striving to maintain your services throughout a difficult time. The initial contractor withdrew, but we are confident we have put a new contract in place to ensure your green waste continues to be collected weekly.
Services are under pressure due to the high demand of food waste recycling and increased numbers of collections taking place per year. This stems from a large increase of population in Lincoln due to updated national records. These citywide changes have been made so we can continue to offer an effective and efficient collection service and recycle as much of your waste as possible at the lowest cost to you. The City of Lincoln council are striving to maintain your waste collection services throughout this difficult time.

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We can confirm that we have been given assurances by the Council and Garden Waste Collection Lincoln, that are responsible for your waste services, that green waste will still be collected as normal. The weekly brown bin collection of recycling, food/rubbish waste and residual rubbish is not expected to be affected. We want you to remain confident and reassured that your home waste collection service will continue, in the same way it always has, with the only difference being that Garden Waste Collection Lincoln 's work vehicles will now carry the City of Lincoln Council logo as well as Garden Waste Collection Lincoln.

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We are continuing to work to find ways to provide you with excellent environmental services in these challenging financial times and we will not let you down. We're working hard every day on finding solutions for the people of Lincoln. Thank you for your continued support and patience. The Garden Waste Collection Lincoln Lincoln campaign provided a range of benefits for residents across the City of Lincoln in partnership with Garden Waste Collection Lincoln plc. With over 180,000 households in the area, it was crucial to ensure the benefits were communicated effectively and efficiently whilst meeting budgetary requirements.

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Garden Waste Collection Lincoln Lincoln is a division of Garden Waste Collection Lincoln Services. We are now one of the leading waste management companies in the United Kingdom, with almost seven million customers and a network of over 600 sites. Garden Waste Collection Lincoln Kirton in Lindsey Lincolnshire, Ceramics, soil and rubble can be recycled at Barton, Belton, Kirton, Scunthorpe and Winterton Household Recycling Centres only. At Barton, Belton, Kirton, Scunthorpe and Winterton Household Recycling Centres you can recycle most household waste including. We are convinced that, by doing so, we offer you the best waste collection service in Lincolnshire.

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Garden Waste Collection Lincoln have invested in new larger vehicles that will mean we will be able to maintain our garden waste and recycling collections with the fleet of smaller waste collection trucks, if the current industrial action continues. All householders in Garden Waste Collection Lincoln can take excess garden waste to the council’s recycling centres in Pyewipe, Grimsby and Queens Road, Garden Waste Collection Lincoln. We are friendly and polite and we will not skip any job no matter how small. Garden Waste Collection Lincoln Horncastle.

Garden Waste Collection In Lincoln Lincolnshire

Through my work, I noticed that the Garden Waste Collection Lincoln vehicles that were normally collecting the rubbish bins from our streets were not as frequent as they were in previous years. I asked a few of the residents that work with me if it was just me that had noticed and they said yes. The reason we are doing this is because Garden Waste Collection Lincoln are going through a restructuring process at the moment. No set date has been given for when this issue will be resolved but in the meantime we are doing everything we can to make sure your waste collections continue.

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