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Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council will collect garden waste from households throughout the two districts for recycling. We have a range of containers available for garden waste and green recyclable material to make your collection as easy as possible. Your rubbish will be collected on a weekly basis from any one of the following containers, which are placed at the edge of your garden. The aim of the garden waste collection service is to help reduce the amount of household waste going to landfill by making it easier and more convenient for residents to recycle their organic garden waste.

Garden waste collected from households in Eye will be taken to a specialist plant at Great Blakenham, where it will be processed and turned into high quality compost. Babergh and Mid Suffolk's garden waste collection service allows you to recycle your green waste in a convenient way. Each week, garden waste (grass cuttings, prunings and small branches) can be put into the green waste bins from your kerbside by at least 7am on your designated collection day.
Find out more about garden recycling in your borough. Get rid of your garden waste easily and cost effectively. Our garden waste collection service in Eye Suffolk means that you can get rid of any unwanted pet materials, small branches and twigs, bonfire debris, logs or prunings in convenient collection tubs that are emptied regularly by our dedicated team. Garden Waste Collection Eye in Eye Suffolk is responsible for the collection of garden waste. We have a network of six Garden Waste Collection Eye in East Anglia and you can take your trolleys free of charge to any of these.
Babergh District Council and Mid Suffolk District Council are rolling out new garden waste collection service across the district. How it works is that you place your brown bins on the pavement outside your property for collection by our household waste contractors, who will arrive at different times around your street depending on which number bin they need to collect. Open bags and biodegradable material are also collected separately every other week on a set day.
Garden Waste Collection Eye in Eye Suffolk is a highquality service provided by Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils. It's designed to simplify where we all dispose of our household rubbish. The aim is to keep as much local waste as possible from going to landfill. By registering for the service you will not only save time, but money too as you'll be paid for your green waste each week. Babergh and Mid Suffolk councils have introduced a garden waste service for all householders in the district.

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This service is optional to take part in, but only residents who register will receive free garden waste sacks. An extra daily collection of garden waste is being introduced to parts of Babergh and Mid Suffolk. Your council is working with its partners to provide this fortnightly service for all parish residents from April 2017. What you need to do in order to be legally compliant with your garden waste collection in Eye Suffolk, Suffolk.

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