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Following weeks of wrangling over garden waste collections in Ipswich, Suffolk residents are being relieved to know that further public consultation will not be needed. The city's Waste Garden Waste Collection Ipswich and Garden Waste Collection Ipswich has requested for East Suffolk council to introduce a new garden waste scheme that is similar to those already in place in Ipswich and has been ignored by the administration. East Suffolk council's cabinet is this week expected to rubber stamp a move to rollout the service in the town from April.

The council has confirmed that the service will be extended to cover both Felixstowe and Woodbridge, and should come into effect before the end of this month", said Stephen Metcalfe, the Suffolk county councillor for Woodbridge. "It is absolutely essential that we recycle as much rubbish and waste materials as possible in our efforts to reduce the volume of rubbish going into landfill sites". This is excellent news for residents in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Leiston and Woodbridge who have been lobbying for green waste collections to be reinstated.
It will see two green waste rounds a year for all residents, with garden clippings collected separately as part of the authority's waste collection Ipswich scheme. As Ipswich and parts of the county have already been able to take advantage of, residents will be able to place their garden waste in one of the new marked bags and leave this at the kerbside for collection by their waste contractor. Residents in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Leiston and Felixstowe will all benefit from improved service.
I'm delighted that following pressure from more than two thousand residents throughout the borough, we've been able to get this service back up and running in time for the summer. After several months of consultation, the borough council has announced it will be joining the majority of other areas in the county that already have a weekly green waste collection service. East Suffolk's gardeners have been without weekly collections since last July when they were suspended due to budget cuts.
Under the new arrangements, residents living in these areas will receive garden waste collection every two weeks. waste collection services will be restored across the borough, with households in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston set to benefit. We’ve got a reputation for clearing away garden junk, so just give us a call when you need . We give a competitive quote over the phone and we’re in and out before you know it. From Haverhill to Birmingham, your garden rubbish is our business.

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The Ipswich council had a green garden waste service but decided to end it last September. Services in other parts of the county then had to close or alter theirs which led to less convenience for residents and anger at a move which had no environmental benefit, according to many people Ipswich Pest Control. The free Ipswich Green Waste Weekends will take place on the first and third weekends of each month in Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston.

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Need a hand with your garden waste collection? Relax, help is at hand. Our team of dedicated garden waste collectors can help you clear your excess green waste from the garden, & safely remove it from the property for you, enabling you to have a cleaner and tidier surrounding, whether that be an allotment or tiny front garden. We cover all areas of Ipswich and surrounding Suffolk. green waste collections to households are being restored across East Suffolk.

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They will run from the beginning of April until November 30.  The allotment section of the council can also make use of this green waste collection service. Following a government grant of £300,000, waste collections for garden waste will be reintroduced in Felixstowe, Leiston and Woodbridge. Garden Waste Collection Ipswich Haverhill Suffolk is an online booking system for all trade waste disposal services in Haverhill & Leiston Garden Waste Collection Ipswich Sites. We offer you the chance to book a convenient time to use either of these Suffolk Recycling centres at your convenience.

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The reintroduction of the service is part of the plan for sustainable waste management across the district and will divert increasing amounts of garden waste away from landfill sites and into anaerobic digestion facilities, for use as energy sources. If you have a tidy garden but want to cut back on noisy mowers and bulky bags of mulch, our garden waste collection service could be just the thing. We're working in partnership with Ipswich borough council to collect grass clippings and other organic waste from homes in Felixstowe, Leiston and Woodbridge.

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The Traditional Garden Waste Collection Ipswich Ipswich, Suffolk rubbish clearance team is proud to restore green waste collections to the borough of Ipswich, Suffolk. East Suffolk Council has made provision for garden refuse services (Green Waste) to resume from the 1st April 2012. We are looking for a reliable and cost effective partner to provide service for the following areas. waste collection Ipswich Suffolk, East of England, UK Network news: Ipswich from under the blue bin project, with the success of a trial green waste collection area at Haye farm in Woodbridge, has led to the decision by council chiefs to extend the service across the borough next year.

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