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Garden Waste Collection In Framlingham

The problem was caused by wet weather which led to a build up of sludge in the sewer. Engineers were working round the clock to try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible and in the meantime, we asked residents to store their damp garden waste in a sealed plastic bag until normal services resumed. Our dedicated team of engineers worked very hard to clean and clear the pipes and return them to normal they did an absolutely terrific job.

East Suffolk has decided to restore its green waste collection service after a successful trial at thirty sites across the district. The council made the decision after a successful four week trial which saw high rates of recycling and clear signs of public support. Green waste bins will be returning to the streets of Framlingham after more than a decade following a successful trial. The new service will see two vehicles driving the streets of the town every week to collect piles of garden clippings.
We are pleased that we can now offer our garden waste collection service again and thank residents for their understanding during this period. Selective garden waste collections are still taking place in other parts of the country and I will ensure that any lessons learnt from these services are shared by East Suffolk. The independent review, commissioned by Garden Waste Collection Framlingham and Suffolk Council Leader, William Seeley, is to outline the scale of the problems experienced over the last few months, to consider the lessons learned and to make recommendations for future selective collection of garden waste.
More than a year after the decision to extend the garden waste collections from Ipswich was made, East Suffolk council says the wheels are in motion to restore green waste collections to gardens in Framlingham, Woodbridge and Leiston. garden waste collections are to be restored to gardeners in Framlingham, Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston after East Suffolk council decided they would provide a service at the same cost as brown bin collections. following a free fourweek trial in Ipswich earlier this year, the decision to extend green waste collections to a wider area has been made due to the positive feedback received.
Garden Waste Collection Framlingham, East Suffolk’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We greatly appreciate the support and understanding that residents have shown following the suspension of our garden waste collection service. “I am pleased to be able to confirm that we will resume collections as soon as is possible, providing our residents with the same level of service that they are rightly entitled to expect. The Garden Waste Collection Framlingham Framlingham garden waste collection service is an essential, popular and wellused service.

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The new service will begin in the autumn with a fortnightly collection for householders who opt for this extra help from East Suffolk council. Collection days will vary depending on individual road and the time of year, but an initial timetable has been drawn up which will see green waste collected in one part of Framlingham each fortnight. East Suffolk council has responded to the pleas of campaigners in Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston for the restoration of green waste collections.

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We would ask customers to continue to be patient over the coming months while we work with our contractors to deliver a sustainable garden waste service. There are some alternative options for garden waste, including composting or even one of our local landfill sites who will accept garden waste. ” Residents can also take garden waste to the Household Garden Waste Collection Framlingham Centre where they can recycle it for free. Our contract for garden waste collections in Framlingham is with Suez Environment, which has been very supportive during this recent period of disruption.

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The local authority had considered giving garden waste collection to just two of those parishes, but after hearing of a similar service back in 2012, it decided to bring it back in Framlingham. East Suffolk council said its green waste service was being reinstated from the last week in March. The authority made a shock announcement last year when it said the service, which is free to all residents, would be stopped because East Suffolk had become overwhelmed by the amount of collections that had to be made.

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We have now concluded separate agreements with contractors to collect garden waste that includes a significant discount to our residents. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and support during this time. Garden waste is collected as part of East Suffolk’s kerbside waste and recycling collections – this has not been affected by the suspension of the garden waste service. We are working hard to fix the issue as quickly as possible so that we can continue to offer this service to residents.

Garden Waste Collection In Framlingham Suffolk

East Suffolk council said the changes were being made to preserve the county's threatened landfill sites. In other parts of the county green waste collections have been stopped after a consultation showed residents wanted recycling and garden waste collection instead. green waste collections were cut by £200,000 in a costsaving exercise in July 2010 but people living in the Framlingham area will now have their service back after a successful bid for funding from environment group Gardeners'World Live.

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