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James added: ‘We have been working hard to carry out the remedial work as quickly as possible, and will ensure that our full service is restored before the end of this year. A new local company, E. Higgins, has started its own kerbside collection of garden waste in the Kesgrave area, and we are grateful for their help; residents can now dispose of garden waste without charge. We still urge residents to use a green bin with a lid for general household waste in order to prevent it from blowing away or being scattered around the area.

’. At Green Waste Suffolk we are fully committed to resuming further collection from March 2012, and we will also be carrying out a spring clean of all woodland areas that were part of the Kesgrave garden waste collection service. We understand our residents’ frustration at not being able to get rid of garden waste over Christmas. We apologise for this inconvenience and appreciate our residents’ continued cooperation and understanding in the run up to the resumption of services in March.
Weens a Kesgrave is a local, family run specialist waste collection business, and Garden Waste Collection Kesgrave, East Suffolk’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We greatly appreciate the support and understanding that residents have shown following the suspension of our garden waste collection service. This commercial service will be a welcome boost to your disposal needs, and ensure that hazardous materials are appropriately disposed of. The Council temporarily suspended the garden waste collection service to allow us to review the current condition of our existing fleet, and ensure we can deliver a consistently reliable and efficient service for Kesgrave’s residents.
This additional time gave us a unique opportunity to look at what was required to improve the service in terms of both safety standards and vehicle design. The garden waste collections will begin again in some parts of East Suffolk on Tuesday July 9th, and in other areas within 10 to 14 days. The new containers have a larger capacity and we encourage residents to consider composting as much of their garden waste as possible, which can make a real difference to the environment.
Garden Waste Collection Kesgrave, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Transport said: “The new contract will provide a wider range of services and a very significant level of cost savings. The collection service provided by the Household Collection Bury company has allowed us to tender for the best possible service at the most competitive price. We hope residents in Kesgrave and throughout the district will be pleased with the choice of service that is available to them. We are pleased to announce that we have a new waste collection contractor confirmed and they will start work shortly.

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The collection area has been extended to include the whole of Kesgrave, Croxton, St Margarets and part of Coddenham. The whole process will take around one month to implement fully but we aim to have the service in place by early February. The East of Garden Waste Collection Kesgrave announced earlier this month that it was ending its agreement with AWDis, which operates the garden waste collection service on behalf of seven local authorities across the region. As a result, we had to suspend waste collections and apologise for any inconvenience that arose as a consequence.

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