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The six week scheme is for householders in Leiston, Felixstowe and Woodbridge, taking garden cuttings and other green waste left at the kerb. The green waste will be taken to West Suffolk landfill site which has a new shredding facility that recycles green waste, such as grass cuttings and hedge trimmings, into reusable material. Residents will have their green waste collected every week from April. Portion packs which include a brown bin for garden waste and a bright blue box for recyclable materials will be delivered to households in Leiston and other affected parts of the district as part of a new fortnightly collections scheme.

The council has announced the return of a weekly green waste collection in Leiston. A spokesman said: All areas have traditionally received a weekly garden waste collection service, however due to budget constraints these services were reduced in some areas over the last two to three years, to include only one annual bulky waste collection per household. East Suffolk has now reorganised its resources so that all areas will receive an effective weekly service which will also enable them to be delivered on an improved recycling frequency.
The partnership funding will enable the council to introduce a new weekly green waste collection service for gardeners in Leiston and Felixstowe, as well as restarting collections in Woodbridge. East Suffolk council has begun a trial of weekly collections of green waste in Felixstowe and Leiston, and is to extend this to other areas of the district from September. The service comes after the council's survey found that three quarters of Leiston, Ipswich and Woodbridge residents thought garden waste collections should be restored.
This means that residents of Woodbridge, Felixstowe and Leiston now have up to 19 collections a year at extra cost. East Suffolk council has finally bowed to pressure and reinstated green waste collections in the towns of Leiston and Felixstowe, Woodbridge and other areas between them and Ipswich, as part of a £1. 5 million deal with Garden Waste Collection Leiston.   This follows on from our sister site's campaign to restore green bin collections and recycling of collected garden waste.
green waste collections were suspended in Leiston, Felixstowe and Woodbridge in April last year due to a shortage of drivers rising from stress and sickness. The waste collection team in Kesgrave has moved to a new site for their depot, which means we can now provide a tonne weight of bulky waste service. The garden waste collection service is currently suspended but will be resumed soon. East Suffolk District Council is to launch a new, bigger and improved, garden waste collection service from Wednesday, 12 October 2014.

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Garden Waste Collection Leiston Leiston Thanks to a £30,000 investment by the council and the Waste Levy fund, East Suffolk residents will have access to green waste collections at a cost of £21 for up to two trailer loads. The collections will now take place on alternate weeks in winter but weekly all year round from July to November for garden waste. For gardeners across Leiston, it's been a long summer of uncertainty as green waste collections have been cut.

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East Suffolk council sparked a flurry of complaints in February when it announced it was cutting green waste collections from its garden waste service. It blamed budget cuts and stated collections could not be run in areas where there is little demand or existing coverage, after 15 months of discussion. The move left people in low demand areas such as Leiston, Felixstowe and Woodbridge facing the prospect of having to pay to have their grass cuttings taken away by a private contractor at an extra cost.

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Relief is in sight for the gardeners of Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston after East Suffolk council announced it was following the lead of Ipswich and other areas of the county in restoring green waste collections. The Leiston area had green waste collections suspended, also, under the contract the council would have been responsible for 50 per cent of the cost if any contractor went bust. But now GGC has been given a contract covering the whole of the county.

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We've known for a while that we're the only borough without garden waste collections," said a council spokesperson. "We've now restored them across the area, and gardeners can once again enjoy putting their grass cuttings and hedge trimmings out for collection every week. We've also introduced doorstep recycling to our Suffolk residents as well. Leiston is set to benefit from the restoration of garden waste collections, a council spokesman has confirmed. East Suffolk council has already announced it will restore collections in Ipswich from next year but until now its plans for other parts of the borough have remained unclear.

Garden Waste Collection In Leiston Suffolk

Starting in May, green waste recycling will be reintroduced across the district. The move follows years of protests by gardeners after domestic green waste collections were stopped because of budget cuts and rising landfill taxes. Suffolk waste collectors for domestic customers in Leiston. A lot of our green waste is recycled by us at 'water quality'standard for use by farmers and gardeners. Then the remaining compost is returned back to your garden . Residents of Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston will soon be able to have their green waste collected on a regular basis in the same way that residents of Ipswich and other parts of Suffolk's southern SDC already do.

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